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It refers to the advancement towards writing which consists of a couple of stages prior to the final outcome which ought to be desirable. Personally, I am a writer but do not carry out the task often. However, I have managed to always keep the title with me. I am quite vulnerable to tedious quantities of a turn of expression, thus against it, as well as the lack of ability to do it well.

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I have always wanted to become a writer since I was once and I strongly believe that this is my inspiration as it is the basis of my entire life. I could always look at books and dream of writing them myself when I become of age. It thus helped me develop the interest of putting words onto pages which appeared easy to carry out as I could also choose what I feel like writing about.

Writing is, therefore, a procedural undertaking which demands time and creativity as well as the good command of language and the ability to follow instructions. Anytime I write something personally, I do get the feeling of something quite different from work. The reason behind this is because I follow some procedures when I am writing which begins with creativity then transmission into pages.

First, I often begin my writing with prewriting. It is the very initial stage of the entire procedure. It is at the point that we think creatively about the subject under concern. The stage is significant as it aids the transfer of the ideas into a page, and puts together the thoughts that could become of significance during the writing process. However, the ideas are not usually in an ordered manner. With the assistance of prewriting, I do narrow down the topic under consideration and make an assessment of my audience. The utilization of particular prewriting techniques helps me choose the topic then enhance its development in a variety of ways. Such ways include listing any ideas concerning the topic, reading and taking down short notes, asking questions relating to the topic, talking about a particular topic with the rest then taking notes then finally coming up with an outline of my paper ((Lipson, Marjorie Y., et al.,p.212-214).

I often value the consideration of the audience all the time prior to the start of any writing. It helps me ensure that my writing is in line with the audience under the address. That is, therefore, the reason as to why I always concerned about who am to address in my writing. To facilitate this, however, demands much more. It is because there are some considerations significant within it. Such include the extent of knowledge that the target group already have about the topic, the way they feel about it and individual characteristics that could have some impact on their view. Talking about the feeling, they could be hostile, neutral or enthusiastic. My audience is often who assigns me the paper. Nevertheless, classmates at times can read it. Upon the completion of all that the prewriting stage entails, the drafting then follows (Peng, Deng Liming Liu Hong Chen, and Chen Yan Zhang Yuwen,pg.13).


Drafting stage follows upon the completion of al that the previewing process entails. Drafting implies starting to pit down the ideas into paper though they can, later on, be corrected. I consider this a very important task because putting down in paper acts as a reference or rather a draft which can serve as a reference source in case its need arise. It also aids in coming up with the final paper as some corrections only are to be made. It entails putting down in the paper which is often done in using paragraphs. There are some techniques however that I always keep in mind at this point as a way of making work easier for whoever is going to read my paper.

I often make use of the thesis statement in my writing. It involves writing a short description at the termination of the introduction which often serves as the base for the rest of the paper. An effective one often aids the reader to get the hint of what the essay content is set to address. Another important one I often consider is the topic sentence. It appears at the beginning of the paragraph as it outlines the main idea that the entire covers. Adequate support is another important thing to consider. The thoughts are of significance but cannot be relied upon totally. They, therefore, demand the necessity to aid the ideas through enhancement of paragraph development with substantiation from reliable sources. Support, however, arises in different ways. They include individual experiences descriptions, case studies, research information, and statistics. The more particular the data is, the more interesting it gets (Benesch, Sarah) .

Coherence refers to togetherness. The implication here is that if each of the paragraphs of the essay has a connection to the one that came before it, then the essay is coherent. Utilization of transitional phrases and words aids bridge creation between sentences. I always find it necessary to establish the keywords to my essays as well as a paragraph within the topic sentence and the statement of the thesis. Unity is equally significant. The implication here is keeping the adherence to the path. I do ensure each sentence has a connection to the topic sentence and that there exists some relationship between the thesis and the paragraphs. While drafting the paragraphs, I always try to utilize these writing strategies (Benesch, Sarah).

The revision follows the drafting stage. It serves as the second last stage prior to editing and proofreading. It entails checking to ensure that the essay agrees with the thesis initially outlined. It also helps me cross check that every paragraph consists of a unique topic sentence, ensuring a smooth flow between paragraphs, checking whether the essay is logically ordered, and checking for deviations from the topic under concern (Lipson, Marjorie Y., et al.,p.212-214)

Editing and proofreading then follow. It often helps me check on grammar, mechanics, and spelling. Spell checker is my close friend when it gets here as it saves me time. It is at this point also that I also ensure that the documentation is properly done. I often prefer having my friend look over my essay as he can easily identify problems more that I can.

Therefore, being a good writer is procedural as a way of enhancing the quality result. Consequently, being loyal to my technique has seen me possess such qualities as conciseness, spelling and grammar correction, effective paragraphing, and sentence variety (Peng, Deng Liming Liu Hong Chen, and Chen Yan Zhang Yuwen,pg.13)

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