My First Time Hunting

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While growing in the New York, we happened to live around the foot of Adirondack Mountains which harbors several wild animals both being dangerous and edible ones. Growing up in this area gave me the notion of wanting to participate in hunting since I had witnessed my dad comes home with different types of wild animals whenever he went hunting. Whenever I asked my did if I could accompany him to the forest so that could hunt with him, all he could tell me is that I was still young and that I was not ready to encounter all the dangerous wild animals in the forest. While at home, one could hear animals chanting and mowing in the forest. Despite the fact that my dad never permitted me to go with him to the forest, I never gave up. One morning, my dad told me that he would allow me accompanies him to the forest once the schools were closed. Reason being that he wanted me to focus on my studies. The news gave me some chilly feelings knowing that it was going to be my first time to go hunting. In school, I could not hold back my joy to the extent that my friends wanted to know why I was that happy. Every evening after school, my dad could take me in to an open field so as to teach how to shoot using both the gun and the bow and arrow. I never knew that there were a times when one could choose what weapon to use. According to my dads instructions, the gun are rarely used when doing hunting simply because if by any chance the hunter uses a gun, the sound produced by the gun could scare the animals aware hence the hunting will be unsuccessful. The bow and arrow makes good weapons for hunting since there would be no sound being produce.

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I kept on learning and ensuring that I hit the target so as to impress my dad. All I ever wanted to kill was a deer in fact a male one since I always wanted to possess the horns which resembled dried branches of trees. At the time when the school was being closed, I was the first one to get out of school with some of my colleagues feeling jealous of me with the fact that I was going to have one of the adventurous holidays in my life. While at home, I continued my daily practice making sure that at least I had to hit the mark. That evening, dad asked me to join him in the sitting room to which it came as a surprise to me. This had never happened before and that is when I realized that he had something important to tell me. He took me through some lessons on some of the paths going through the mountain and some of the safety precautions to undertake in case one encounters with a wild animal. At that point, he nearly scared the hell out of me. Then he dropped the bombshell by stating that we would be living early the next morning. That night, I never slept because I kept fantasizing and imagining how adventurous the trip would be. My siblings were jealous of me but just told them that their time would come.

The next morning, mother prepared breakfast s usual but this time, it was a heavy one. I had to carry some just in case I might get hungry on the way. I thought we were the only ones going hunting but I was surprised to see one of our neighbors with his son too. His presence made me feel good because I knew I was not the only young man on the trip. The journey to the mountain started and we were up the hill. At first, were leading with my friend while taking pictures and enjoying the cool and fresh breeze in the forest. Despite the fact that it was cold, we were not feeling that since the joy within us surpassed the cold outside. We were now entering in to the deeper part of the forest and we could hear the primate family making noise. The chattering and singing of birds left the forest with the harmonious surrounding. By this time, we had covered around 15 miles and my dad was stating that it was still far. We were tired already and we started reducing the speed in order to allow us to catch the breath. The tall canopy trees prevented the sun rays from reaching the grounded making the forest be cold. That was the point when I started regretting as to why I ever wanted to go hunting with dad. While I was busy asking myself some rhetorical question, I saw some bush beside the road shake. I nearly fainted while my friend ran towards where my dad and his dad were. At this point, my dad was using hand gestures to pass information on what was to do. I knew this was the moment that I had been waiting to exercise my so called hunting skills. Every one pointed the hunting weapon towards the shaking bush. At the point when we were about to fire, then appeared some men with who happened to be my fathers friend. I felt like screaming knowing that the journey was still on. I wanted to ask my dad to allow me to go back but on remembering where we had come from, I would rather continue with them than being eaten in the forest.

I was about to give up when I noticed that we were entering an open field. On this open field, I could see different types of animals but our target was the deer. My dad then separated people into categories and gave orders then we started hunting. Seeing people pointing their arrows towards the wild animals made my dream come true. Despite that I was already tired; I just felt that the journey was worth it. While we were about to fire, one person stepped on a dry fallen branch of a tree. With their sharp sense of heating, all the animals started running into the forest. I just followed people when I realized that we were all running after the deer. to my point of view, I would say that maybe lack was not on our side because the more we ran after them, the more they went far deep in to the forest and to make the matters worse, they ran towards the direction opposite from where we came from meaning the journey back would be long.

Everyone was tired by now and we all gave up with the chase. At this point, my mind is tired and I was just cursing myself for having made a wasteful trip into the forest and yet we had hunted nothing to go home with. My feet had swollen and I was feeling cold and by the look of things, it was going to rain. I started feeling pity for myself and wondering how I was going to reach home. Even the hunting weapons had become heavy, and I really felt like the world was against me. My dad came to console me but I felt like he was laughing at me saying that he had to allow me to join hunting so that I could feel how it feels. Out of nowhere, a male deer just happened to cross our way. That is when I knew that hunters are good at approximation. As if they had planned, they all fired towards the direction where the deer was running and to my surprise, the deer was hit. What a perfect timing for a kill? Despite the fact that I never fired my arrow, I was happy because at least we were not going home empty handed. All I wanted was to reach home so that I could rest. From that moment, I never wanted to go hunting again especially when it comes to going hunting with my dad. I would rather go with my friends to whom I know if we get tired on the way; it could be easy persuading each other to return. That is the experience that I will never forget in my life.

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