Expository Essay on Process of Organizing and Managing a Football Tournament

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In sports tournaments, there are various events to consider to ensure that the tournament becomes successful and that the goals of such tournaments are delivered. Managing 1-day sports activities such a tournament such as a football tournament calls for the examination of various events that would take place to ensure that they are carried out in the right manner and that they conform to the scheduling of the day-long tournament. In the management of a project, which is a football tournament, in this case, there are various events to organize for the whole tournament to become a success and ensure that it is beneficial to the population. Successful organization of every event during the football tournament leads to the successful completion of the project and the fulfillment of objectives of the tournament. Fulfillment of objectives of the football tournament is beneficial to both the company and the project manager.

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Project Scope Statement

In the process of organizing and managing a football tournament for a company, there are various issues to be put into consideration to ensure that the day-long events of the tournament take place in the right manner and the goals of the tournament are delivered.

Project Objectives

This is the definition of the overall objective of meeting customers’ needs. The aim of fulfilling the needs of the client by organizing a company football tournament is to increase one’s rating in terms of delivery of quality services and get approval from various players in the business sector in the society (Colcombe, Horton, Ommer & Teng, 2015). By ensuring that the football tournament is successful, there is the benefit of maintaining a good relationship and trust between the project manager and the company that is having the football tournament. Furthermore, making the football tournament a success ensures that the project manager fulfills corporate social responsibility by upholding ethics and virtues through organizing a successful and credible tournament which creates a platform for the population to meet and interact.

The other aim of meeting the needs of the client and organizing a successful football tournament is to improve the health of both participants and spectators by helping them to improve their mental and psychological health through the use of football as a channel of support. Moreover, the delivery of a successful football tournament would help in providing education to the company players and spectators as the football manager would provide relevant tactics on football and technical support for a successful football match (Masterman, 2014). In this manner, the company can use the football tournament to get employ the use of innovative services through the use of football. Finally, football would improve on inclusion and cohesion among the workers of the company and the same would help the employees of the company to interact and share ideas which would lead to the achievement of opportunities by using the power of football tournaments.

Football Stadium Project Deliverables

There are several deliverables in the process of organizing and managing a 1-day football tournament. The first deliverable that must be put into consideration in the process of organizing such an event include getting the location where the tournament would take place, this calls for looking for options in the locality and organizing with the local people that can host the tournament (Xing, Chalip & Green, 2014). The second deliverable is budgeting, and this deals with making the budget plan which would include organizing the source of funds and how funds would be used during the tournament. The third deliverable is putting the teams in order, this includes activities such as arranging the way teams will play against each other, confirming the degree of preparation of the teams and ensuring that they are ready for the tournament, putting into consideration the benefits that the tournament would bring to the community. Other activities in this deliverable include deciding on the colors of the teams (Mayer, 2015). The final deliverable to consider is setting up the tournament which includes the naming of the tournament, deciding on the date when the tournament should take place, locating referees and other technical teams who will work on the games, and how the winning teams will be awarded after the tournament.

Milestones in Football

During the process of organizing and managing a football tournament, there are various milestones that ensure that the project becomes successful, and the first one is the generating funds required for the tournament to ensure that finances do not sabotage the tournament. The second is the formulation of teams which entails making decisions of the number of teams to be in the tournament, players to be in each team, matching the teams in groups, and scheduling of the games (Lombardi, Trequattrini & Battista, 2014). The final milestone in the football tournament is the closing of the tournament which involves rewarding the participants and acknowledging everyone who takes part in the tournament in carrying out various roles.

Technical Requirements for Football Tournament

There are various standards to which the tournament must conform to ensure that it remains authentic and credible. One of the technical requirements is that all the players must be adults and above the age of 18 years, this ensures that children do not engage in the tournament to avoid cases of accidents and injuries during the games. Additionally, the player must have a minimum of six-month experience as a footballer and have the right knowledge of football and all that entails the game (Bravo, Lee & Garcia-Gonzalez, 2016). Third, the field must be standard in relation to the dimensions such as the length and the width, and facilities must be provided for the games and for emergencies. There should be made available facilities for spectators to attend the tournament comfortably. Finally, the referees should have a minimum of one year of football refereeing and ensure that they conform to the standards of football in society.

Limits and Exclusions at Football Tournament

There are various skills, products, and services that will be outsourced to reduce the workload on the project management team, this ensures that the project manager spends on the right products and services without wastage of time and resources. In this manner, it is the client, the company that is carrying out the carrying out football tournament, to provide the names of players and line-up of the players, this is because it is the company that knows its players and positions that they play. Additionally, coaching of the players will be outsourced to ensure that players get quality football advice and that they improve their skills in the right manner (Lazova & Basnarkov, 2015). Finally, the supply of trophies and prizes will be outsourced to ensure that quality and standard trophies are presented during the tournament.

Importance of Time Management at Football Tournament

To make the tournament successful, the company needs to provide the required funds that will ensure that the events take place in the right manner. Players must be available one hour before the games start and the scheduling of the games must be made early in the day to make the game run smoothly. In this manner, the client must be conversant with the tournament and understand dynamics associated with the same to ensure that all events during the tournament are carried out appropriately and timely (Vincent & Harris, 2014).


In football, tournament time proves to be the biggest constraint as there are various games that will be played but time is very limited. In this manner, management of time is the only factor that will determine the success of the whole tournament, this is because all games are to be played all the way to full time, and the high number of games makes it challenging to one day to have the tournament within one day. In this regard, there is the need to minimize the preference and optimize the cost.


In this case, there will be minimization of time and optimization of the cost which will call for the reduction of the duration for the games, and optimize the cost of the games to ensure that all games fit within one day.


It is apparent that the cost of carrying out the whole tournament is flexible as compared to time and scope because all games need to be carried out effectively and within must go all through the standard duration of football.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and How It Can Help With Football Tournament Organisation

The other tool that would help in making a company football tournament to be successful is the work breakdown structure (WBS), this is because it also proves to be a critical tool in the fulfillment of organizational objectives and make the football tournament a success.

The application of the WBS calls for the use of media to help in marketing the football tournament as it helps make society aware of the tournament. Marketing of the tournament through the media increases the viewership of the tournament which helps in promoting the tournament and thereby making the goals and objectives of the tournament known to the society (Clemente et al., 2015). Additionally, the use of media for marketing the tournament helps in designing the merchandise used in the tournament which helps in facilitating the game and ensures that it becomes a success. Third, the media marketing help in appreciating sponsors for the tournaments which then appreciates and acknowledges the business and operations with which the sponsors deal with. Furthermore, the media is helpful as it aids in making invitations for people to watch the company tournament which leads to an increase in viewership and improvement on corporate social responsibility (Todeschini, Grisoni & Nembri, 2015). Some of the detailed activities to be carried out during marketing through the media are making decisions on the media channels to use among the available options of Print, television, and social media. There are also other activities relating to media and marketing which include the awarding of trophies and models, tournament merchandise, the sponsors of the match, sponsors of the tournament among other sponsors (Lazova & Basnarkov, 2015). Finally, there is the case of participation of local clubs in the tournaments, honorary guests to attend among other issues that would be of importance to the social media.

When it comes to finances, the WBS helps budget for the tournament by ensuring that the secretariat is able to acquire the number of funds needed for the whole tournament and there is proper budgeting of funds available. Additionally, the WBS helps in stipulating how to get the finances and the processes that would be followed to achieve such (Roboredo, Aizemberg, Pessoa & Mello, 2014). Cash management also proves to be a critical part of WBS and ensures that available finances are distributed equitably to the various activities during the football tournament. In terms of financials, the WBS proves to be of importance as it helps in identifying how and the entry fee, the sale of tickets, and sponsorships would create revenues for the tournament. Checking of the expenses would also be possible through accounting for cash prizes, rental, equipment, and the field for the tournament among other fees and expenditures that would be used during the tournament...

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