Literary Analysis Essay on Its How You Play the Game by Brian Kilmeade

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According to the book, sports participation can lead to a successful life. The Author claims that the book covers a common ground either in sports or general life. The lessons learned can apply both in games and real life setting. The experience taken from the book through the life of athletics can be applied to the everyday situations that individuals go through. According to Kilmeade, it only requires a good foundation, determination, and a healthy attitude to succeed. Through these lessons, an individual finds motivation and is encouraged to work hard in building up his life. They learn that a good foundation is laid through proper preparation and having a positive attitude towards the game. As a coach, I would ensure that I instill motivation and encourage team spirit among my players. I would ensure that proper practice is undertaken to allow them to reach the goals as a team and also to achieve individual goals. I would also teach them about the importance of good preparation that may lead to success or failure that may result from lack of proper training. Through this, they can put enough effort either individually or as a team to improve and reach their potential. This scenario is similar to a real life setting.

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In this book, being involved in sports helps one to develop their character thus teaching him or her to be discipline. Individuals need the discipline to learn the skills efficiently and how to use their time and prepare in advance to capitalize on their performance. Through this training, they can work as a team thus helping them to cope with the success and failure of the game. It is important for the coach to be well behaved as most of the players look up to him or her. The coach has to act as a role model in being disciplined so that the team can emulate his behaviors. As a coach, I would recognize the strength and weaknesses of each so as to improve on their weaknesses. It will enable individuals to combine efforts with each other to reach the teams goals. For the team to succeed, the coach has to encourage the members and believe in their individual efforts thus encouraging them to work hard so as to improve their chances of winning. Proper reinforcement from the coaches can help the team to attain their goals.

The book teaches individuals that the effort you put is what you get; therefore one has to work hard to succeed. People learn that when you put enough efforts, the chances of winning are higher as opposed to lack of enough efforts. The book also encourages them that success is not determined by their background but the efforts they put in as individuals or as a team. It does not matter whether you come from a wealthy or poor background but what is important most is the efforts you put in. They learn that a hard work mentality can make up for a natural, sporty talent. The effort put in is determined by the physical and psychological strength of each. Coaches are key influencers when it comes to sports, and therefore as a coach, I would provide a daily routine for the team to keep fit and exercise for them to be in good condition for the game. I would also provide guidance and counseling sessions to the team to ensure they are mentally fit and also improve on their level of concentration that will propel them to achieve a particular athletic goal.

Sports participation enables people to learn valuable lessons that may help them in future. The book contains a collection of interviews by finest athletes and famous individuals that were inspired by sports. The people are taught that consistent practice, hard work and focus make perfection. These people are educated on how to overcome diversities and other temporary failures through the many situations presented by the book. Coaches are taught on how to prepare their teams for the competitions. They develop the teams mentally on how to overcome and learn from the adversities they face as they strive for their goals. Setbacks are important as they help the team to grow and learn from their past mistakes. As a coach, I would encourage a working group environment such as team building activities that will enable them to acknowledge each other's weaknesses and how they can help one another to improve the team's strength. Through team building, they learn that accomplishments are appreciated, but the spotlight is on the pride that goes along with the team success and not individuals. I would also recommend meditation for them to develop concentration and stay focused on the game.

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