Lawrence of Arabia Film Review

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Lawrence of Arabia, considered David Leans masterpiece is a reflection of one of the greatest Hollywood films produced as attested by winning many awards including the Oscars. The film is an epic adventure film that tells the story of a man, T. E Lawrence, who is a British intelligence officer. The film describes the struggles that he goes through when it comes to the quest of winning freedom for the Arabs against the Turks during the First World War. Looking at the film from a different perspective with the idea of western imperialism that did emerge during the 1960s, the film can be described as being anti-epic. Alternatively, it can be portrayed in a film that represents a romantic hero who is destroyed by a tragic situation. The film is divided into two parts where Part One does bring out the mold of an epic movie. Part Two has much of the focus on Lawrence as a hero.

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It is the contradiction that lies at the heart of the conception that makes the film stand out when it comes to understanding the situation in the Middle East and how it had a troubled relationship with the western powers during the period of the invasion of Napoleon in Egypt. The release of Lawrence of Arabia can be said to be of great significance because it points out on some aspects of invasion of Iraq by the United States.

The first part of the film tells of how Lawrence was exploiting the epic that was crossing Nefud desert and seizing port Akana with the ending portraying him dressed in white robes. It is in part two where the meeting with Thomas and Feisal does serve the purpose of revealing his intentions. He is out in search of a figure who would help persuade the Americans in joining the war in Europe and the Middle East. However, as the film proceeds towards the end, there is a reflection of the Arabs having been betrayed and Lawrence himself left to be like a hollow man. The same can be depicted by the bloodying, soiling and rending of the white robes that the character had earlier at the start of the plot. The film goes an extra mile to describe the skirmishes that arise with the Turkish that find Lawrence in the middle of the events. There is little that comes to light regarding the description of Lawrence.

Despite the positive aspects that are relayed in the film, there are areas where it is evident of a lack of completeness. For example, there is the issue of the rationale for Lawrence deciding to join the Arab tribes. There is little information when it comes to what caused his sadism as the film progresses. There is much mystery remaining behind the actions of Lawrence in the film.

Overall, the film can be said to be a combination of good and negative aspects considering the mix of events that take place in the film. The brutal fights depicted in the film bring in a magnificent scenery making the film more attractive to watch. Further, the film does bring out history especially with the concept of the First World War coming into play merged with a presentation of history characters. The film can be deemed as a success despite the shortfalls depicted.

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