Kuder Assessment and Major Research Reflection

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My results from the Kuder career interest and work values have a significantly high accuracy in relation to my life. After assessment of the results, I was first surprised because they accurately reflect my career interests and work values. I first thought that they were wrong because at the first glance I felt that they do not reflect who I really am. They are accurate because after self-assessment, I realized that truly I love and engage in social and enterprising activities more than the artistic, conventional, and investigative ones. For instance, I love teaching people things that I know, and also love influencing people through verbal cues. Additionally, I rarely engage or like activities involving art. Moreover, I dislike using machines or abstract thinking. Furthermore, the work values results reveal my real aspirations in the field of work. My major drive is income while prestige is hardly my objective in my job.

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The kuder career interests results relatively contrast my past interests based on my past favorite classes, hobbies, and areas of interest. First, my hobbies are social in nature, which means that the kuder results concur with my hobbies. Second, I liked the classes that involved more of discussion and abstract ideas that the technical classes. I dislike science classes and mathematics, and I perform better in courses involving argumentative concepts. Therefore, this indicates that the results conform to my interests and hobbies. However, the results indicate that I like enterprising, which contrasts with my interests because I dislike careers that would involve convincing people. For instance, I dislike sales jobs because I find it hard to persuade a person to buy a product. Therefore, the results moderately contrast my self-knowledge.

The results of kuder report are significantly different from my mentors career recommendations. My father recommends me to pursue a science or a business based course in college. He encourages me to improve and change my attitude on science. He is a biochemist and believes that I can also do well in science. He says that I was good in sciences in my early school years, which he says that I can do well if I change my attitude. I dislike science courses and I believe that I cannot feel happy or comfortably complete the course. Therefore, I believe that kuder results are accurate because I have a liking of social, enterprising, and artistic activities. I should pursue a socialistic course to enjoy my education life and career. Additionally, pursuing something that I have a passion for would improve my motivation, which in turn would increase my performance. Therefore, this would enable me to meet my work values.

I have gained a substantial amount of information from this assessment and I believe that it would be of great benefit to me. For instance, this information would help in deciding my major course in college and subsequent studies. I have realized that I like social and enterprising activities. Initially, I was confused because I had planned to pursue a research related course, but after this assessment I realized that research is investigative related, in which I am poor. I also had a passion for pursuing a community service related course. Therefore, this assessment would help me because I now know that investigative courses would not match my ambitions. I will pursue a community service or a leadership course as a major because it matches my career interests. Additionally, this career would make me enjoy my classes, which would make me succeed in the course and my career.

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