Key Role of Coaches in the Success of Any Team

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Human beings have always been competitive since time immemorial. They would demonstrate this competitiveness by engaging in duels and battles which were often destructive. Sports have however transformed this competitive nature of men into a hobby and a profession. As such, it is important to understand how these players with different personalities, cultures and skills can be meshed together so as to achieve a powerful winning machinery. Coaches should create relationships with each player in the team so as to understand their strengths and their weaknesses and to harness them appropriately. It is the role of the coach to employ different techniques to ensure that the confidence and morale of the players are constantly kept high regardless of the strength of their opponents.

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Coaches also have a huge role in molding and shaping the right mentality, especially the young and upcoming talent. The coach has a role of raising the players level of confidence, improving their skills and training them to achieve their best performance. There is a need for the coach to be tough on these players by pushing their limits and never relenting in ensuring that the players attain their level best in terms of fitness. The coach can also act as a role model for these young players, teaching and showing them the values and virtues of true sportsmanship.

Coaching demands more than just issuing instructions to players. A coach should understand that the tactics employed by the female players will be totally different from those employed by a male team. It demands that the communication styles adopted for the male and female players be different. Female players tend to be emotionally sensitive and might take positive criticism in a bad light and end-up dampening their confidence. Male players, on the other hand, are not much emotionally affected as they can take criticism in a positive way.

The success of any team largely depends on how the coach handles the team and the various techniques and mentality he instills in his team. A coach plays a key role in the success of any team by fostering good relations with the players as well as instilling the right mental attitude necessary for winning a game. Winning takes more than just skills and physical fitness of players, but also the right mental attitude which is instilled by a coach.

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