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Making a prospectus presentation can be a challenging task. One needs to prepare themselves adequately for a successful research and presentation (Loughborough University, 2016). Therefore, there is a need of identifying all the possible barriers so that one can develop strategies on how to overcome them. This journal entry identifies the roadblocks, concerns, and things that I look forward to as I move to the prospectus presentation stage.

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The Roadblocks that May Come up

Some of the barriers that I may encounter in preparing for my prospectus presentation include the following. One of the challenges is the ability to find all the secondary sources of information required to make my presentation successful. Another roadblock that I might encounter while carrying out my study as I prepare for my presentation is the refusal of some participants to provide pertinent information required for the study (National Academy of Sciences, 2013).

What I Look Forward About the Research

One thing I look forward to when I will be conducting my research is carrying out the interviews as I collect data for my research. I love interacting with new people and discovering new things so I believe that this activity will provide me with such an opportunity.

My Concerns About the Research

The following are my concerns about conducting my research. Choosing a right theory that is appropriate for my study is one of my concerns (Armstrong, 2013). Another concern is analyzing my data adequately to be more appealing to the audience because I need to select the most appropriate data presentation techniques (Westoby & Mcnamara, 2014). Moreover, finding the right research instruments to ensure validity and reliability of the data collected for the study is also a matter of concern in conducting my study (National Research Center for Distance Education and Technological Advancements, 2016).


In summary, making adequate preparations before making ones presentation for a prospectus is important. Good preparation ensures that one is successful in research and their presentation. The barriers that I may encounter entail data collection from both primary and secondary sources. My concerns, on the other hand, include choosing the theory, analyzing data, and finding the right research instruments. Despite this, I look forward to collecting data for the study through carrying interviews with the research subjects as I enjoy interacting and discovering new things.


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