Is Marriage Out-of-Date in Today's Society?

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Marriage is not only a way to show love but more importantly is a legal agreement that protects the wife. In the past, women had little legal rights; they could not own property or own a business and did not earn as much money as men. Marriage was a method that women used to protect themselves by legally binding themselves to a man. However, times have changed. Nowadays, women have as many rights as their male counterparts. Women have been empowered with good education and equal opportunities that have made them competitive. However, there is a study (Reeves 56) that show that in today's marriage, certain issues arise that further complicate the issue of marriage. The paper will detail how marriage in today's world is out-of-date with emphasis on how women empowerment has resulted in the change of the marriage system.

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It today's world, there is a myriad of choices that a woman and a man could take to live together. In essence, a couple could decide to live together without getting married, and society will not frown on them. They could do everything that a married couple could do, and nobody will say anything negative to them. The big difference in today's society between getting married or living together is the legal requirement of a divorce if they split up. One advantage for the couple who cohabitate, is, that if one should pass away, and if there were a will in places, the surviving spouse would be the benefactor, and would not lose any possessions.

With many empowerment programs came out a stronger generation of independent women who are as competitive as their male counterparts. Nowadays, women value their independence so much that they have forgotten the importance of marriage in society. According to Roy Nunez, an English Student of Bronx Community College, he argued that women in this current age have more control of their futures with the availability of birth control methods, and can reduce the chances of having to marry to keep together a family. There have also been many single mothers who have raised their children without the help of a man, utilizing alternative means of support until they achieve a level of financial stability". According to Nunez, it is considered that in today's society women have as many legal rights as men and although women are not always paid as much as men, they can support themselves. Such independence and confidence exhibited by women have made the institution of marriage to be weak and unattractive.

Women nowadays have been empowered with real opportunities contrary to old times. Some have ended up having better jobs and better salaries that most of their male counterparts. Such women argue that for them to be in a marriage institution, and then they will only opt to find men with equal or more power and salary as theirs. With such severe conditions, most women have ended up remaining single for a greater part of their years since they have been searching throughout the period. According to (Segal 23), they argued that the Sociologist Pierre Bourdieu was right when he outlined on how the society's dynamic behaviors were changing in other regions of southwestern France. In other words, the scholar gave us a brief description of how the modem economy is becoming a place where women are taking control. In addition to that, the situation is turning against men with many men becoming unmarriageable and since they have lost their pride. The significant impacts of the disrespect of a man have made marriage to be unattractive.

Women in the modem economy are holding the cards with many nowadays becoming more capable. A growing percentage of women are educated and are therefore able to do any job assigned. Contrary to old times where women were dependent on their husbands, women are taking their decisions since they are employed and therefore have a say in the society. Most marriage institution has been shaken when their wives' career flourish contrary to theirs. Some women end up being paid higher than their male counterparts which have led their male counterparts to lose pride in the house. Therefore, it is evident that marriage institution has been shaken by the number of women who are employed in the various sectors. Therefore, the result is the weakening of the marriage system.

In summary, marriage does not have the same importance as it did in the past and is now more an expression of true love. Nowadays, people are starting to view marriage as the necessary or unnecessary institution based on beliefs. The question of whether marriage is out of date largely depends on the individual's perspective.

The foundation of healthy marriage was based on traditions passed down from our ancestors. As such, many people decided to live together because they believe in traditional marriage. These beliefs did not allow people to form families without first establishing marriage. Additionally, these people have some religious beliefs, and they brought up in a family with this belief (Segal 84). They understand that the first step to forming a family is the religious unity of a man and a woman by order of a religious authority such as a priest with a religious ordinance. When this tradition is followed, believers know that their families of future generations will stay together, because marriage is the com of the family. However, marriage now is on the rocks because people no longer follow the traditions passed down to us by our forefathers. As a result, many marriage covenants are broken because of lack of those stringent rules that guided the covenant.

Marriage institution is based on religious that a man and a woman will be made to one being when they accept the marriage. However, those who are not religious may not believe in the sanctity of marriage. Marriage is nothing more than just a piece of paper without meaning. They understand that being with someone they love does not require a marriage certificate, but the love they hold dear for one another. Other religious people do not get married for personal reasons. One of these reasons is financial. They know that when marriage is established, they are legally bound to share their possessions" They know that in the event of a break-up, they will have to split their possessions. Therefore, the question should not be whether marriage is out-of-date, but whether individuals believe in marriage or not. Marriage is not fashion; it is a declaration of love to the person you love, and share beliefs. Nowadays, religion is not followed during weddings, and as a result, most marriages will end up being broken (Reeves 46).

The paper has intensely discussed why marriage at the current moment is out-of-date. Contrary to that, there are still many marriages that have withstood the problems and end up becoming successful. However, it is important that individuals begin to value the institution of marriage since the foundation of a stronger generation will depend on how the parents in marriage behave.

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