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CJ has a number of affiliates globally. One of the major conventions that the CJ America has had is the development of core capacities which have supported globalization. A good example is the campaign for cooks, cashiers preps and busboy that were held on the fourteenth of September last year, at the Glendale Galleria. The Major trade show that CJ has had is the CJ 4DPLex Marketing Associate that was located in Los Angeles (Euromonitor International 2000).

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The trendsetter and most prominent voice of CJ America is Lee Jay-Hyun the chairman of the industry.

CJ Americas latest discovery is the home shipping and logistics. Their latest products are bio and pharmaceuticals (In Kuwahara, 2014).

CJ America has had a number of publications. The two most common are the Nutrition Industry Executive Magazine and the CJ magazine.

The jargons of CJ America are passion, integrity and creativity. The keywords of the industry include CJ E&M, CJ 4DPlex and CJ CGV (In Kuwahara, 2014).

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CJ America will soon hold a job fair in order to get new staff for their upcoming branches that will soon be opened in North America. Due to the high growth rate of the company, there is more need to expend it so that more consumers could be able to access the services and products easily (Dun & Bradstreet Corporation, 1999).

The latest publications by CJ America include offers on a combo set at CGV when one takes a couple selfie. In terms of news, there are job openings in North America where they need skilled and qualified personnel who will work in the branches that they are opening (In Kuwahara, 2014). The other news is that Bird Marella receives termination of an infringement copyright lawsuit on behalf of the industry. The complaint had actually sought more than fifty million shillings in damages under allegations that Korean music had been distributed in the United States improperly and thus violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and The Copyright Act.

By increasing business opportunities and even increasing its power of competition in North America, the industry sets it apart from its competitors as it thrives for growth and expansion while delivering quality products and services at the same time (In Kuwahara, 2014). In addition to that, the diversity of the wide range of CJs products and services gives it a competitive advantage over its competitors as they are not limited to a specific production as compared to its competitors.


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