International Clubs for Various Sports

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There are several international clubs for various sports in London such as football and basketball. Futsal, on the other hand, has not been much popularity; the sport has been picking up especially in institutions. There is therefore needed to come up with an international club for the sport which is effective and efficient (Bettega & Prestes, 2015). The company is an international body which will represent the state internationally regarding the sport. It is to be located in the city with an inclusion of the training area for all its activities. Besides representing the state in other countries, the club will also train and organize tournaments regarding the sport while marketing the game as well as the club itself to sponsors and organizations. The main participants in the sport will be people between 15 and 35 years. This will be in two phases or stages; the seniors (22 to 35) and the junior team (15 to 22).This is because the club is international and requires the selected players to be available regularly for training and coaching. However, for the junior team, there will be some exception for studies.

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Product and services

The companys main goals and services involve sporting activity which is Futsal; a football-like sport with five players on each side including the goalkeeper. The company will engage in conducting tournaments where different teams will compete while being sponsored by different organizations. While being sponsored by the different organizations, the company will also act as an advertising agent and marketer (McKeever, 2014). Various companies and products will invest in the company to promote their products and services. The company is also used in conducting training and teaching the various individuals on various issues affecting the society. Important enough is the provision of employment to different people among managers and players.

Operations, Management and Financial Operations

The company will involve several bodies with the main ones being the management team and the players. The management team plays a crucial role in obtaining sponsorship and the management of the available resources. Also, the management team which comprises the managers, financial planners, and other supportive staff will ensure the smooth running of the business. The players, on the other hand, are the main figures who keep the company running. International companies such as clubs are difficult to establish especially due to limited resources such as land and financial sources. The initial investment in the company will be used for the construction of operation buildings and also purchase the necessary equipment. These investments will be from sponsors and organization (Neelankavil, 2015). The government will also provide some of the resources including land and finance. The initial investment is approximately two million British pounds. Financial growth will mainly be through sponsorship and activities. Advertisements are also important in the financial growth of any company so is it for sports clubs. The projected growth of the club in the next four years will be one million British pounds annually. In the next half a decade, the club should be the leading in Europe and other countries.

Setbacks and Challenges

The business is not without milestones and setbacks. Such may include difficulties in obtaining resources and selection of the nest management tea for the tasks. Also, it is a new company which is prone to competition from other upcoming companies offering the same services. Being an international club, it is expected that it performs exceptionally well while boosting its name and attracting more investors (Bettega & Prestes, 2015). The club will be a source of employment and a provision of social life to the community which is a major development in the community.


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