Induction Program for a New HR Administrator

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Prepare a 12 week induction program in table format, for a new HR Administrator. Describe everything they need to learn, know and do, and which roles, teams and functions they need to meet, in order to be effective. In doing so you should include the following:

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The first week should be broken down into days

2 activities in every time period

Show how progress will be monitored. Each activity must include a method of assessment, who will assess it and when.

Induction is the process and support provided by an organisation to assist new employees in learning and knowing the new organisation, its members, expectations and tasks of the job. The first purpose of the induction is to familiarise the new employee with the vision, mission, and culture of the organisation so that he or she has a sense of the organisations goal and direction. The second purpose is to inform the employee about the procedures, rules, policies, and regulations and their benefits. The third purpose is to help employees understand their duties, responsibilities, and expectations of the job.

Induction has the following benefits to an individual. It helps a new employee overcome fear and anxiety and performs better. The new employee is introduced to rules, regulations, and people he or she will be working with. This process removes fear. The process also makes the employee feel that he or she is welcomed and by extension boost sense of belonging. Moreover, induction helps new employees to adapt to the new working environment quickly.

Induction makes new employees have good impression of the organisation. As a result, the employees take pride in working for the organisation and get more committed to their jobs (Rao, 2007). Secondly, induction helps organisation to reduce the cost of employee turnover. New employees can easily leave organisation if they think the job expectations are unrealistic. Induction helps new employees to develop a realistic expectation and feel satisfied to work for an organisation. Thirdly, induction helps new employees to become productive and efficient within a shorter time and reduces the cost of supervision for an organisation.

Induction Plan

Week 1 Activities

First Day The new employee meets the HR manager to:

Explain the terms and conditions of work, pay, annual leave and medical insurance.

Sign employment contract.

Explain the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of the job

Issue job Identification card

Second Day The new employee meets the Line Manager to:

Explain the vision and mission of the organisation

Explain the organisation chart

Introduce the employee to team members and work setting.

Draw employees attention to working requirements, reporting time, and code of conduct

Third Day The new employee meets the Head of Technical Unit to:

Explain how various equipments work.

Fourth Day The new employee meets the Line Manager to:

Explain basic occupation and safety requirement

Explain fire emergency procedures

Fifth Day The new employee meets the Line Manager to:

Review week 1 induction progress

Week Activities

2 The new employee meets the Line Manager to:

Explain the work culture of the organisation-values, acceptable behaviours, decision making processes, communication channels and interaction

3 The new employee meets the Team Leadership Coordinator to;

Take the employee through the process of leading teams or working in a team.

Explains the qualities and skills required for a person to become an effective team leader.

4 The new employee meets the Information Technology Manager to:

Take him or her through the organisations IT policies

Explain how to use staff portal

Explain how to use various ICT platforms to serve the organisations clientele

5 The new employee meets the Community Outreach Manager

To explain the organisations corporate social responsibility policy.

Help the employee understand the community under which organisation operates.

Discuss some of the ways the employee can participate in community outreach programmes

6 The new employee meets Health and Safety Coordinator to:

Explain the organisations health and safety policies

To explain standard procedures of dealing with emergencies such as fire and gas leaks.

To explain the environmental policies adopted by the organisation

7 The new employee meets the Chairperson of Staff Welfare Committee to:

Explain the organisations staff welfare policy.

Explain the responsibilities of Staff Welfare Committee (SWC)

Explain how staff welfare issues are addressed by the staff welfare committee

8 The new employee meets the Head of Performance Evaluation Unit to:

Explain the process of conducting job appraisal and employee role in the process

Explain the importance of job assessment to the employee

9 The new employee meets the Staff Development and Training Coordinator to:

Discuss with the coordinator his or her training needs

Initiate the process of developing personal development plan

10 The new employee meets the Line Manager to:

Discuss the workload

Report to the manager some of the challenges he or she is facing at the organisation

11 The new employee meets the HR Manager to:

Explain to the manager how his or her roles are supporting organisations needs

12 The new employee meets the Line Manager to:

Review the induction process


Rao, V. (2007). Human resources management : text and cases. New Delhi: Excel Books.

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