If Large Global Summits Do Not Achieve Much?

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Backstrand, K. (2013, September). The Democratic Legitimacy and Legitimation of Global Climate Governance. In 8th Pan-European Conference on International Relations, Warsaw, September (pp. 18-21).Large global summits such as WSSD do not provide results that are in line with the commitment of all the participating countries. This has resulted in the use of such summits as a strategy of global governance. This journal article provides one with the understanding that the global summits are a facade. The summit has often been used as a diplomacy tool. However, the effectiveness of this uses can only be in congruence to the level of democracy within the state in question. This goes to threaten the core competence of such summits based on diplomacy consequently challenging the legitimacy of the democracies in question.

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The use of these summits as diplomacy tools has been seen as a type of yardstick used by stronger and richer nations. The politics involved in the use of such summits to pass ideologies culminates in legitimacy issues. The legitimacy issues pointed out herein is with regards to the reality of ramifications of such policies. While the summits main aim is to limit environmental harm caused by member states, the summit could be used to cause illegitimate diplomatic problems. For instance, this situation was seen when the Bush administration pulled out of the Kyoto protocol.

The use of democracy in the chairing of such summits has also been identified to depend on the individual nation participating in the meetings. This is because the practice of democracy by the different nations across the continent is different. Therefore, this article summates that such meetings, WSSD case in point, could be used to influence a countrys general ideologies with regards to the countrys democracy. Based on the findings within the article, the global summits can fail in providing any commitment to their core cause, environmental change. However, those same summits could be used to alter global politics.

Aglietta, M., & Espagne, E. (2015). More Political Economy on Global Warming and a Proposition.While global summits on environmental issues may not achieve their objectives, this article has served to identify certain lessons to be learnt based on economic impact. According to the article, there are different ways of understanding the different political paths that are a resultant of the economic effects of the addressed issues. One of such interpretations includes the determination of the lowest carbon technologies. The reasoning behind such suggestions is that this goal would dominate the politics played by the individual countries. The result would be the molding of a political future around a global summit, COP21 case in point.

The article, however, has been found to suggest that the amalgamation of politics and environmental solutions is the best way to address issues regarding environmental problems. This has pushed more countries to partake in the implementation of pragmatic solutions as opposed to ideological solutions. The summit may not realize the full potential of the meetings but the pragmatic solutions realized would go a long way in mitigating the negative environmental impact of the individual countries. This article therefore points out the economic benefits that could be realized by the individual countries.

The financial benefits to the individual countries have been emphasized by the article. The realization of financial road maps of individual countries has been found to be effective in mitigating the individual effects of the countries in question. Therefore, while countries in question may lack the capacity to stick to the environmental solutions identified, they could benefit from the financial effects of the roadmaps implemented. This goes to achieve beyond the agenda of summits such as COP21. Therefore, the summit would have solved more than the environmental problems.

Edkins, J., & Zehfuss, M. (2013). Global politics: a new introduction. Routledge.According to this book, the influence of global summits on global politics as well as the global worldview cannot be over emphasized. The realization that such summits may not provide the total solution for the countries involved is true. However, the book points out that such summits alter the general worldview of the member states. It would also serve to present to the countries the benefits of having a world whose nature is appreciated in contrast to being taken for granted. Initiating such world views enhances the chances of a country realizing its individual environmental goals.

The books has also suggested that the global summits could be used to address the different global problems that are associated with the countries in question. For instance, the movement of people from one country to another in relation to recent social unrests in the Middle East could be addressed as a subsidiary of the core motives of the summit in question. Therefore, this adds to the advantage of having a summit that focuses on environmental problems. The summit may not realize the core goal of commitment by individual nations towards the financial situation in question. However, other problems could be solved through these very summits.

The book also delves into the economic aspect of global politics. Addressing the importance of the economy of individual countries shows that there is a possibility of determining the relationship between poverty and environmental issues. Therefore, the summit in question may also serve to determine some of the best ways to alleviate the economic situation of member states with the aim of addressing the core problem of environmental issues. This goes to show that the lack of commitment of certain states to the realization of certain solutions may not hamper the solving of individual economic conundrums faced by some of the member states.

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