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A Dolls House basically is a three-act play that has been creatively done in prose. Generally, the play is done by Henrik Ibsen. In reference to the historical events, the prose was officially exposed at the Royal theater which was held in Copenhagen, Denmark. This awesome event took place in December twenty-first nineteen seventy-nine, one strange thing was that it was published earlier a month on the same month of its launch, this showed how Henrik Ibsen worked so hard to make the whole project of A Dolls House successful within the limited time that was provided.

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The Development in Marriage in a Dolls House

In reference to the marriage norms and traditions that were existing in the 19th century, the play was so essential when it comes to focusing on achieving critical attitudes towards that specific period of time; it acted as a solution and a game-changer when it comes to the perception of marriage norms, within this specific period of time. Basically, through Henrik Ibsen’s role and creative work in this play; the play was able to creatively arouse serious controversy that was existing within this time. In my perspective, making the story conclude with a stubborn protagonist who was known as Nora, just shows how irresponsible and not having the compassion to care, some individuals can end up becoming.

Why Was Nora Helmer the Protagonist in a Doll’s House?

Nora who played the role of a protagonist, in this play, makes a very careless decision of moving away and deciding to leave her own husband and children alone with selfish ambition and reason, of wanting to explore and at least finds discovery of herself. This is a strange reason for a mother and a wife to provide when making a responsibility to move away from a family. Generally, Nora who is a girlfriend is identified as a very selfish and irresponsible mother who just cares about herself and achieves whats of good interest to her, neglecting the role of a mother. I found it to be a little bit appealing when Nora could have given an essential reason that focused on caring for the family as a reason to move away; for example, she could have explained to her husband and show respect to kids by giving a substantial reason like, she is leaving g the family to go and look for greener pasture for the family or to go and find new ways in which she will help the husband when it comes to providing and helping the family.

According to Ibsen’s way of perception, this was unbelievable and even contrary to the society set up on how different social issues are supposed to be handled, he believed that women cannot be themselves in any modern society since exclusively the society is dominated by males. Logically, this is an existing law that has existed all along; generally, it was made through the idea of men in relation to the judges and prosecutors who are able to evaluate feminine conduct from a masculine standpoint.

A doll’s house is basically focused on the life of Laura, who is generally a very good friend of Ibsen. In the whole play, situations, circumstances that happen between Torvald and Nora were also experienced by Laura and the husband victor. Laura in the play has been expressed as a very generous character, which is able to go an extra mile when it comes to helping and providing for the family, this is basically shown through her brave decision to sign for an illegal loan that was to help in saving of the husband (Ibsen).

A Dolls House Characters and Histories

Focusing a little bit on character analysis of A Dolls House play, Krogstad was generally shunned by society, due to his past poor reputation, the people didn’t let him move and experience healing about his past. Krogstad because of the hate he was able to experience made him turn out to be a funny character. This is expressed by his action of trying to blackmail Nora for her forgery, through performing action Krogstad ends up with a feeling of satisfaction, he feels that he was able to have compensation for the unfair treatment he was able to receive. In my perspective, this is just funny, when individuals resolve on an eye for an eye when it comes to problem-solving, this will just lead to additional hate and no single solution can be brought by this; through the revenge action considered by Krogstad, it's one of the unwise idea and decision he was able to make.

Additionally, when it comes to another character analysis in the play A Dolls House, Torvald hypocritical nature is being exposed through his skeptical plans and actions, he is planning to exploit, Torvald is expressed to operate and goes directly opposite, what he is able to portray as his earlier attitude and states and the way he was able to respond. In the play, he is able to express a very kind and caring tone like I am not so heartless as to put condemnation on a man because of a single false step. This statement is totally contrary to the action he next takes; he is able to move on by making a single false step which is totally, different from the kind words he was able to mention. Additionally, Torvald is views end to having a quick condemnation of Nora after realizing the forgery she had committed in the past. Basically, this is a higher level of hypocrisy being portrayed in this Torvald, at one point he sounds a warm and a good individual, but through the availing truth we can see, his inner view on things and situations, it's not meant to positively impact an individual as his words could have.

How Does Symbolism in a Doll’s House Create Meaning?

Performing a rhetorical analysis in the play, much different symbolism within the play is able to be realized, deviating our focus from the Christmas tree that is evident in the play. The macaroons that are seen at the beginning of the play are able to express Nora’s foreshadowing, this largely expresses her great desire for freedom that was driven her to pursue her major ambitions, identity, and beliefs in life. Additionally, not only Macaroons has been used as symbolism, in the play, the unique fancy dress that Nora was able to wear with her major intention to make Torvald and the guest pleased. She was able to dress it up when she was totally convicted that Torvald loved her with all his heart. Later she came to her senses and realized that this was not totally true in relation to her perception. She later gets emotional ending up uncovering her true self, and changing back to her normal everyday dresses (Jost). In this play, the fancy dress that Nora possesses is generally a symbolism of Nora’s pretense. In the play, she was able to play an essential role where her duty was to make men pleased and at the same time fit into a woman’s role. Making much concentration in the play, the weather, the house, and the general setting having symbolism been incorporated into them by Ibsen. This has made the whole story to be spiced up a generally interesting to focus on and even to make it more and more interesting.

Dolls House Drama

Since A dolls house is based on family drama, sometimes referred to as a family tragedy, this makes it more a realistic play. In this play, gender specification has been in most cases respectively mentioned out in the play, this just shows how much importance gender specification generally is considered. Basing the dialogue in a normal perspective, the dialogue is somehow basic, making much concentration to be done in between the lines making every character involved setting the next mood to make the story flow from one storyline to the other.


Finally, in the play, Nora, Dr. Rank, and Torvald are able to bring into light the parental and filial obligation as theme, much is expressed by these characters through their hard work in making sure that parents are at one point have the obligation to be upstanding and generally honest. Torvald is able to voice the idea that a parent is able to determine one’s moral character, and lying criminals have generally been perceived to have lying mothers. In this play, children too possess the responsibility of offering support to the parents, though Nora was able to recognize this responsibility in return ignored the responsibility.

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