Global Warming is the Huge Concern Miami

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The single threat to humankind and the universe as a whole, today, is the effects of climate change. In this life-and-death dilemma, man is the sole culprit; human activities have increased the presence of harmful gasses such as carbon dioxide, methane, and others. Miami city will be under water in the future with global warming affecting the glaciers. Some people think it is too late to save the planet. The government should work with companies in helping reduce global warming.

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Though to many the prospect of a big city such as that of Miamis magnitude going under water may appear as a misplaced myth, one only need to pay a close attention to what is happening around the world. Previous iconic snow-capped mountains have shown some serious thawing because of greenhouse effects. There is still a chance to gradually reverse the effects by taking legislative and corporate measures despite some political apathy shown by prominent politicians.

Those who act with indifference tend to spread desperation on the positive gains in arresting the problem; a claim that global warming is a hoax fronted by Japan can adversely reverse the gains which have been hard-worked for by international leaders and other stakeholders - corporations included. The majority of expert scientists say that current global warming is as a result of the human expansion of the greenhouse effect (Vecchi & Soden, 2007).

Contrary to those who think is too late to do nothing, US government should enact strong regulatory policy which should be used by the corporation as a blueprint on adopting greenhouse energy as an alternative. A concerted support should be given to societies and individuals pushing for clean energy. The claim by pro-fossil energy crusaders such Jim Martin calling for the scrapping of solar credits, alleging that the incentives are costly to taxpayers and patently unfair is far the truth and only hints on the diversionary motives to distract worthwhile efforts to go green. The US president has been in the forefront in his spirited campaign to reduce harmful emissions not only in America but on a global scale. Such efforts should be lauded and given the right support.

According to a study conducted by NASA on global climate change industrial activities have contributed carbon dioxide levels from 280 parts per million to 400 parts per million in the last 150 years (Pielke et al., 2005). If this is not a genuine reason for pro-active initiative towards clean energy, then the world is tottering into a catastrophe.

The government should compel industries to produce commodities without the potential of nitrous oxide, products such as fertilizers. Even with these proven facts on environmental effects, companies and political outfits such as Koch Brothers network advocates for a continued use of energy sources such as coal, oil while campaigning against clean energy (Goodstein, 2013).

Enterprises should switch their source of energy from the traditional fossil fuels into the more environmentally friendly wind and solar power which produces much better energy to the environment. In modern times, clean energy is much economical and readily available; according to Goodstein, California will soon have solar power capacity equal to several large nuclear power plants (2013). Solar prices have dropped less than a half of the price.

The prospects of Miami and other magnificent cities such as Dubai being submerged remains a reality unless the state and national governments adopt deliberate measures to enforce strict positive environmental rules. Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) should be integrated into every commercial establishment. It is everyone's obligation to practice sustainable actions to slow this phenomenon or else we will end the universe prematurely. Global scientists should make unified efforts to research on more remedies to reverse the trend.


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