Global Warming: Climate Change Is a Reality

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Going by the research of NASA GISS: Research Features: Methane: A Scientific Journey from Obscurity to Climate Super-Stardom Global warming by man is scientifically undetermined. Global warming by many has been identified as toxins that are released into our atmosphere that is trapped by our ozone layer hence, heating our atmosphere. The release of such toxins has contributed to an estimated 1.3 degrees Fahrenheit increase in temperature over the last (110) years. The man-made global warming has been identified as an excessive amount of CO2 released into our solar system by excessive burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas. Although identified by (Al-Gore, 36) and his scientific committee, by one-third, along with polluting our oceans and wildlife Contributing to high levels of CO2, is the deforestation and burning of wood, reducing our rainforest, together with the vast amount of CO2 are the problems to global warming.

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Methane CH4 is second and most highly toxic based global warming element known to man. NASA GISS: Research Features: Methane: A Scientific Journey from Obscurity to Climate Super-Stardom research has confirmed, with extensive studies, CH4 is retained in the atmosphere by a time ratio of 20:1 (years), against CO2". (Al Gore, 36) further suggest that this methane gas is generated from natural sources such as natural gas, landfills, agriculture, coal mines and livestock. Livestock alone is estimated to produce more greenhouse emissions than all the vehicles in the world. According to (Robert, 12) the primary interest in global warming is the attracting attention from policy makers.

Climate Change: The Public Health Response

This is due to its impacts such as floods, extreme weather, increases in temperature, heat waves, storms, etc. The disasters result in loss of human life and injuries due to natural disasters caused by climate change. The determination of health, such as quality and quantity of foods, water resources, and ecological disease control vectors are also affected. These claims, actually, according to many scholarly authors and hundreds of scientist, states that the excessive emissions help our planet. Scientist states that CO2 is Earth's best friend in that trees, wheat, peanuts, flowers, cotton and numerous other plants significantly benefit from increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide (John, 334). Scientist around the world have conducted years, and decade-long studies in doubling the greenhouses emissions released in a contained grow house to twice that release today 360ppm to over 700ppm with excessive health, height and girth in all the plant life.

The greenhouse effect often gets a bad rap because of its association with global warming, but the truth is we couldn't live without it. People's life depends on the energy from the sun (John, 334; Climatism, 58) states that about 30 percent of the sunlight that beams toward Earth is deflected by the outer atmosphere and scattered back into space. (Climatism, 38) explores that the rest reaches the planet's surface and is reflected upward again as a type of slow-moving energy called infrared radiation. The heat caused by infrared radiation is absorbed by greenhouse such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, ozone and methane, which slows its escape from the atmosphere. Although greenhouse gasses make up only about one percent of the air of the earth, they control the climate by holding heat and holding it in such a way that a warm-air umbrella that surrounds the planet. This circumstance is what scientists refer to the as greenhouse effect. "Without it, scientists estimate that the average temperature on Earth would be colder by approximately 30 degrees Celsius (54 degrees Fahrenheit), far too cold to sustain most of our current ecosystems (Larry West, 2). Like everything, too much of something has the potential to have an adverse effect. Deforestation for farming and an increase in population will require more use of fossil fuels and an increase in methane gas. Once you get over the amounts of CO2 and CH4, which regulates around 400ppm for each, you substantially elevate into the unknowns of the complete plant alteration or in the case of discussion. Weve learned that under controlled testing, methane at twice the rate of current readings increases the size and health of plant life, essentially allowing it to stand up to the intense storms. When you consider this, its almost like mother earth is adapting to the climate change; the miracle of nature and evolution if you will (Mioddrag, 260). So the question lies; what is too much, too much before the earth can no longer adapt?

Scientists have the abilities to go back centurys to determine that temperatures were higher back then, as opposed to today; this being before the industrial revolution and vast ginormous increase in population. Scientist is concerned that if we continue at the level of deforestation for land and farming, the greenhouse effect has the potential to have an adverse effect. Continuation today is not that of a hundred years ago (Climate, 165). In January 2016, air temperatures close to sea level (at 925 hPa) were more than 60C or 130F above average across most of the Arctic Ocean (Beitler & Jane, 2). Additionally, average daily temperatures over many parts of the Arctic Ocean often exceed the top end of the scale, i.e. 200C or 360F higher than in 1979-2000 (6-January hits a new record low in the Arctic). One element is responses such as changes in the jet stream and decline of snow and ice cover in the Arctic that make that ever more sunlight is getting absorbed by the water. In succession causing a further decline, as discussed in earlier discussions, potentially the methane gas is exceeding the atmospheric rate of consumption hence, reflecting back to our planet (Beitler & Jane, 3). Lets move toward the other spectrum. There are thousands of scientists around the world that mathematically produce algorithms, specializing in the topic of global warming, which is convinced that our planet will adapt; even with the growing population it will be many decades before we observe vast sufficient warming temperatures. (Climatism, 193) deduce that Its been determined by some, that science needs to take a leading role to the realism on global warming with the political agenda aside. Such harsh change with projected renewable and sustainable energy sources, although registered as predictable science, has the potential to offset the current state of the planet today. (Climatism, 258) further, argues that I solid example; oil is bubbling from the oceans of southern California and the Gulf of Mexico. With such concern of utilizing and harvesting fossil fuels in todays debate on global warming has the effect of destroying much of our sea life.

That being said, we still have a responsibility to the social health of the people as well as the health of the planet and need to take preventive measures moving forward. The political agenda has driven the cost of identifying and transforming the way we are obtaining our energy to a $200-billion per/yr. empire. If you were to ask the wealthiest people in the world, (Climatism, 259) what industry has the biggest and most secure jobs for the next 30-years, youll new forms of sustainable and renewable energy. The inertia of this topic is in motion and not likely to be stopped in the foreseen future. The ramifications are devastating to developing nations as the cost will be prohibited from moving forward. Developed countries and the world will endure 100s of thousands of job losses and tax increases to fund said changes without the return of measurable economic differences.

Its our entire obligation to make a change to secure a healthy planet for future generations. A visionary can clearly see as the population doubles, our needs for energy vastly increases. The increase causes projected dangerous levels of CO2 and CH4, which both can be devastating in biblical potions. If our concentration of CH4 dramatically increases as forestry decreases, the temperature will permanently raise since we only reflect 30% into the atmosphere. When the average of CH4-PPM reaches dangerous levels, the CO2 retains the heat of the CH4 suns reflection. This will cause a potential depletion of the ozone layer, causing severe heating of the planet; causing destruction to our way of life today. We have developed short term and long term solutions to help facilitate in relying less on foreign oil (Frumkin, 435) and by reducing a good portion of CO2 gasses. The UN and EU (also part of UN) have developed their guide lines/directives to deliver 20% of their energy from renewable sources such as wind and solar by 2020 European Commission Global Methane Reduction Actions& Global Methane Initiative. (Al Gore, 91) claims that the continents that are capable of producing the most amounts of wind energy, via renewable sources, are Africa and North America and Australia and Africa for renewable solar energy. Based on the uneven distribution of the sunlight, it causes different density in the air in the various regions. Based on differences in the atmospheric pressure, when a difference in that atmospheric pressure exists, air moves from higher to lower pressure area that results in winds of varies speeds. When you consider the layout of our world both land and offshore the geography is evident.

When you find the change to the planets image to sustain the projected population growth over the next fifty years, its hard to fathom how the earth will look. We have many other ways of obtaining sustainable energy rather than renewable energy, but like anything, it comes with cost and risk. Moving forward we can see the future need for change, but according to scientific research, this is debatable and appears at time to be a conspiracy, and is not a time to cry wolf. This is a migration path, just like the roads build for travel. Unless the end of the world arrives first, a significant portion of my research has shown that regular progression via the earths capability to sustain itself (adapt organically) prevails. This will allow for a smooth migration, which can and will address most if not all human, plant and animal issues related to increased CO2 and CH4 emissions.

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