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Summary of the news article: There's a frightening link between climate change and malnutrition.

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Our planets climate is undergoing changes. Some of the indicators of these changes include rising temperatures, prolonged droughts, and destructive weather patterns. These factors have a tremendous impact on our food production capabilities. Apart from causing food scarcity, climate change will most likely lead to nutritional scarcity. As a consequence, it is projected that in the year 2050, food availability per person will decrease by 3.2%. In addition, a person will have 4% fewer fruits and vegetables at his or her disposal and 0.7% less red meat (Theres a frightening link between climate change and malnutrition, 2016). The consequences of the decrease in the consumption of fruits and vegetables are dire. The number of climate-related deaths will increase two-fold as a result of this. In total, the number of climate-related deaths is projected to be about half a million worldwide by the year 2050. Countries which will be most affected by this phenomenon include those of Southeast Asia (e.g. South Korea), Africa, and Western Pacific (e.g. China and India). This summary of the news article There's a frightening link between climate change and malnutrition is related to Chapter 2- Climate, Weather and Climate Change.

The findings presented in the news article are of great significance because of the health-related effects it can have on the worlds population. The worlds global players in climate and climate change should thus devise a means of reversing the current trend of climate change. The climate change and adaptation strategies need to be broadened to include public health so as to save the world from impending catastrophe of nutritional deficiency and a large number of deaths that may come as a result.


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