Expanded Vision of My Role in Interprofessional Collaboration

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I have expanded my role in interprofessional collaboration concerning the spiritual care of my patients in several ways. Spiritual care is very essential for any patients. This is because it will be able to give them the right mentality that would make them lift their spirits even though they might be under pain. Palliative care is a unique form of intervention to specialized medical care for people with serious illness (Puchalski & Ferrell, 2011). It focuses on providing patients with some relief from their pain, agony, mental stress, and physical stress of a serious illness.

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One of the techniques that I was able to expand my role in interprofessional collaboration concerning spiritual care was by first being able to understand the disease my patients is suffering. This will enlighten me on the type of palliative care that I would be able to give to that particular patient. Different patients tend to suffer from various diseases. It is not appropriate to use the same palliative type of care to all patients. By understanding the type if the disease that a particular patient is suffering, it will give me time to research on the right information regarding the spirituality that I would be able to give to that patient. The type of spiritual information given to a patient can either motivate the person or demotivate him (Puchalski & Ferrell, 2011).

By reading book Puchalski and Ferrell's, I was able to get adequate training that concern palliative care. I can use that information to better my knowledge on the issue that relates spiritual care to patients. The book gives a guideline on how a person can be able to understand the issue that a patient is going through at the moment. By understanding, the patients will give you the right words of encouragements. The books also give steps that I can use to when giving palliative care to patients. The first step is by being acquitted with the patients. This will make that patient trust you with his /her information. The patient will be free to tell you what in his mind. Such information that the patient gives you will be essential in formulating the rights words to use. The book also explains the importance of bringing a team of spiritual people to give palliative care to particular patients. This will make the patient feel loved and appreciated.

Another benefit that I was able to gain after reading the book was the way my religion as a Muslim can be connected to the type of palliative care that I give to my patients. The religion of Muslim contains some doctrines that are related to the palliative care that is explained in the book. One of the interrelating information is the practical information that can be used on my patients. By collaborating with other spiritual people, we can improvise ways of meeting a huge number of people at the same time. Many people tend to spend time on one patient for a long time while keeping others waiting. As the end of that period, the program would not have cover the required number of patients as expected. It essential for the spiritual care people to group themselves into different categories depending on the areas of expertise.


Puchalski, C., & Ferrell, B. (2011). Making Health Care Whole: Integrating Spirituality into Patient Care. West Conshohocken: Templeton Press.

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