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There is a need to train and hire new staff. There is a deficit of healthcare providers at the hospital. A deficit of staff at the hospital has interfered with the quality of healthcare provided. A shortage of employees has made it difficult for the hospital to provide patient-centered care to its residents. A deficit in staff has made residents wait for long periods to be served meals. By hiring new staff, employees will be given an opportunity to be flexible in their work operations. The issue of employees working for long hours will be averted courtesy of hiring new staff. Flexibility in carrying out their tasks will play a major role towards ensuring that employees improve their work efficiency. Employees who have difficulties in performing certain tasks should be given appropriate training that will ensure that they deliver on their work performance (Bendaly 2012).

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Healthcare given to the residents should be improved. There have been complaints that the attention given to patients on their arrival at the hospital is not at par with healthcare standards of England. I realized that what most of the residents require most is to be treated with friendliness and patience. Nursing Services Delivery Theory states that there is a linkage between staffing, work environment and healthcare outcomes in a nursing setting. The theory can be used to ensure an improvement of healthcare outcomes by ensuring that staffing and working environments are improved in a healthcare setting (Marberry 2006).

There is a need to address hospital-based infections such as Methicillin- resistant Staphylococcus aureus. In healthcare settings, it has been proved that Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus can cause severe health problems such as pneumonia and surgical problems when left unattended. Given that Methicillin- resistant Staphylococcus aureus is prevalent in Abbey Total Care complex, the hospital management should take a leading role in addressing the issue lest it grows in magnitude, causing health problems for both care givers and residents of the hospital. Hands of healthcare givers are often contaminated with Methicillin- resistant Staphylococcus aureus. As a result, the care givers are likely to spread with Methicillin- resistant Staphylococcus aureus to patients if appropriate measures are not taken to ensure that the spread of the pathogen is curbed (Bendaly 2012).

There is a need to introduce Electronic Medical Record (EMR) at Abbey Total Care complex. There have been cases whereby residents who get out of the hospitals have failed to get complete information about their health status due to poor and manual record keeping. Electronic Medical Record will ensure that patients are provided with up to date and accurate information about their healthcare. Coordination of healthcare activities at the hospital will be improved courtesy of Electronic Medical Record. Medical errors will be reduced in a hospital setting courtesy of introduction of EMR at the hospital. Healthcare convenience will be improved by ensuring that patient and provider interaction and communication is improved courtesy of EMR. Documentation and billing at the hospital will be improved courtesy of integrating EMR in the hospitals operations (Bendaly 2012).

There is a need for communication to be improved at Abbey Total Care Complex hospital. The hospital should come up with a suggestion box where members of staff will be given an opportunity to air their views on matters that concern them and the hospital. By allowing free communication among the staff, management of the hospital will be able to know issues that are of concern to the staff. Consequentially, the issues will be addressed in the time leading to an improvement in healthcare services at the hospital. Low cadre employees do not communicate properly among themselves on matters of their work performance.

Organizational culture should be built at the hospital. The hospital lacks organizational culture. As a result, staff members have been unable to create a rapport that would ensure that they work harmoniously together. There is a lack of intrinsic motivation and commitment among members of staff due to a lack of organizational culture. The hospitals staff also has to be motivated and mentored through seminars; this will motivate them to improve the care that they provide to the residents. Staff members lack ethos of sharing responsibilities among themselves due to lack of organizational culture.

There is a need for a patient- centered care at the hospital. Patient-centered care will ensure that healthcare needs of the residents are aptly taken care of. Patient-centered care will ensure that patients preferences are taken cognizance of in provision of healthcare. Patient-centered care has been proved to improved quality of healthcare in a healthcare setting. Family and friends will be used to provide emotional support to patients in a patient-centered health care. There is a need to detect early stages of diseases at the hospital and make appropriate interventions because the diseases develop into later stages that are often deleterious to a residents health.

Security measures should be introduced at the hospital. There have been instances where care providers have failed to access certain rooms due to defaults in the gate pass system. The hospital has to modernize its gate pass system to ensure timely healthcare provision.

Incentives should be provided to staff of Abbey Total Care Complex to ensure that they are motivated to work more effective. For instance, when receiving training, staff members have to be given allowances. At the moment, staff members are not given allowances when being trained.

Low cadre staff should be encouraged to be more cooperative with each other to ensure healthcare quality is improved. Low cadre employees at the hospital have a habit of confining their efforts on their own without showing willingness to share challenges and responsibilities with their colleagues. Cohesion should be improved among low cadre staff.

The quality of food that is provided to the residents should be improved. The food should also be provided in time. There are residents who prefer to order food from outside the hospital, stating that the food provided by the hospital is tasteless.

The bedding system in the hospital should be overhauled. There are cases where beds that are used by the residents do not function properly. Some beds have no controllers and therefore, patients experience difficulties while eating.

Remuneration of healthcare givers should be improved. There are many complains among the hospital staff that salaries and allowances that they are given are not enough to ensure that they live decent lives.

Admission system of residents to the hospital has to be improved. There is a need to improve admission services at the hospital. There is also need to ensure that discharge of patients from the hospital is done in an accurate and prompt manner.

Self-management among the residents has to be encouraged. The residents have to be encouraged to take care of small issues that concern them without help from care givers. There have been cases whereby residents wake up and refuse to be washed, refuse to dress up and sometimes refuse to eat. Self- neglect should be highly discouraged among the residents. Given that the there is a deficit in staffing at the hospital, self-management of residents will play a major role towards improving the health of the residents.

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