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The medias view of gender is that one, there should be no discrimination and human rights should be respected. Secondly, elimination of sexism and gender-phobia in media language. A gender sensitive language is highly recommended. And lastly, journalists should be educated on the sex, gender and even sexual orientation in their daily journalistic practices.

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The way in which society groups individuals and offers certain freedoms for one group over the other is known as a social construction. Social construction includes distinction points like gender class and even race. How people can be identified by the race they belong to can be a good example of social construction. In social development, gender is a view of the present in sociological and theoretical gender theories.

Feminism is termed as the movement to ending of womens oppression. It is not the belief that a particular gender should rise in power above the other. The various biological and anatomical features can verify whether one is a human female or not. Most feminists understand women as a gender term and not a sex term meaning that it depends either on social or cultural factors. According to the article, the role of women has changed significantly, as seen in the case of Tara. Here, there is a depiction of women as multifaceted characters.Hypermasculinity is a term for the exaggeration of stereotypical male behavior in a psychological way. It emphasizes on sexuality, physical strength and aggression. This is a belief that for one to be a man, he should in no way resemble a woman. One should not harbor womanly traits such as sensitivity, sympathy and even compassion. The article however, reveals that, as much as most women try to depict strength and feminism, most find it difficult to blend all aspects of their lives. Controlling the career goals, parenting and wifely duties can be hard (Lehman, n.d.).

A gender role is a set of social standards dictating the types of activities which are normally considered suitable and appropriate for people according to their actual sex. They are usually associated with masculinity and femininity concepts.

Intersectionality is the idea of that various characters intersect to create a whole that is different from the constituent identities. These personalities include sexual orientation, age, gender, race, class and many others. It is simply how gender interacts with other social identities to improve biases.

Male dominance is the invasion of the male gender in a specific area or society. This is a system learned at a tender age influenced by either the parents of guardian. In conclusion, the critical questions to be proposed are what does the media fraternity tell us about motherhood? And what does it reveal to us in terms of responsibilities associated with fatherhood?


Lehman, K. J. (n.d.). Fragmented Femininity: Post Feminism, Motherhood and Multiple Personalities on Prime-Time Television - Film and Entertainment Television. Part Two Content

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