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Time travel has been for an unimaginable period a matter of great interest among fiction science enthusiasts. Various television and video franchises such as Star Trek, Dr. Who and Back To the Future evolve around these time travel themes involving the possibility to move into a particular time in life and make effects to the events therein. Various theories are in place to affirm the possibility of such events, whereas the feasibility of these scientific mysteries remains a complex paradox that can only be illustrated theoretically. To some scientists even believing the time traveling is unimaginable to them and usually associates an attempt to do so with fatalities to the human race. His paper makes an attempt to explain the possibility of time travel in space using some of the most applicable physical and metaphysical principles combined with logical reasoning.

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Underlying Theories

The underlying principles that are driving the notion of the possibility of time traveling in space are the Einsteins principle of special relativity and the other principle for general relativity. Einstein somehow proved that time was far from being a constant as most people initially believed. In his theories of special relativity, he stipulates that decelerates or accelerates depending on the movement of an individual about another object. He is saying, at the speed of light or some speed near that in space an individual would age swiftly about his twin outside space and in normal conditions of life. Einsteins theory of general relativity reiterates that gravitational force has the capability of bending time. Such behavior would result in the formation of object movement on the curved path. The curvature of time and movement of objects on a curved path is gravity. To illustrate the principle of relativity, you can consider two individuals in relative motion at a central coincidence point x=0; one on a fast moving train car (300000km/s) and the other walking along a barricaded pavement. Assuming lightning strikes 300000 kilometers on both sides away from the coincidence point, the individuals will have a different interpretation of the distance and time of the lightning strikes. The walking individuals will see the lightning on both sides after one second while the traveling individual will see the lightning ahead quicker and the one behind the coincidence point later as compared to the walking individual.

Evaluation of Physical, Metaphysical and Logical Possibilities

Various aspects of time in space travel have been evaluated to establish its possibility. Theoretically, it is thought that it is possible to travel back in time, what is referred to as backward time travel. Forward travel, on the other hand, can be viewed as the ability to get into the future of time. From a logical aspect, all this is impossible and can be compared to moving inside a moving train car. Despite the direction you take the movement of the train dictates the days direction. Epistemic and metaphysical possibilities are some of the insights so far concerning the feasibility of time travel. Metaphysical possibilities evaluate the facts and physical considerations that have nothing to do with the knowledge of the scientist or probing individual. Whereas physical possibilities allow an individual to cover a mile in four minutes, metaphysical sense believes that the same distance could be covered in a millionth of a second. That is not physically possible. Philosophers have taken in the fact that some things that are not physically feasible can metaphysically possible. Considering the speed of light which is illustrated above as 300000 kilometers per second cannot be matched by any individual under physical laws. However, metaphysical laws believe something or someone can move faster than the speed of light. Therefore, from a physical and metaphysical point of view, the possibility of time travel is subject to more than human belief and logical reasoning and epistemic possibilities. The possibility of time travel in space is much dependent on the individual traveler and objects involved like time machines.

From a logical perspective, the possibility of time travel in space is dependent on the knowledge and belief of an individual. Logical and epistemic possibilities vary with individuals and what can be logically possible to one person can be logically impossible to another person, depending on the difference between the kind of knowledge these individuals possess.

Supporting Theories and Scientific Advances

Various physical laws and principles have been put forward in an attempt to affirm the possibility of time travel in space by scientists of various backgrounds based upon the principles related to Einsteins theories of relative movement. Various scenarios have been advanced that could allow time travel back in space. One possible method would be the possibility to travel with a speed faster than the velocity of light. According to Einsteins relativity equation, traveling at a greater speed would make an object have an infinite mass and no length; a physically impossible fate.


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), states that a near possible situation would be to create in between time-space, wormholes that are somehow supported by Einsteins equations, although with a possible quick collapsible time and selectivity for smaller particles. Alternate theories have been placed scientists due to the difficulty in applying Einsteins theories.

Black holes

This is an invisible structure that as proposed by scientists would enable time travel by moving a ship around a hole or using a massive rotational technique to propel the crew to halfway beyond the normal time. For instance, a ten year agitation of the black hole would ensure the ship crew moves five years ahead or behind time making them younger or older by that time frame compared to their earthly compatriots. This technique would still be unsuitable since the sustainable velocity would still have to be greater than the velocity of light. Also, the use of a machine would be risky as machines are prone to error and system failure.

Cosmic strings are stipulated to be thin tubes of energy expanded across the whole universe length, albeit it being known for the ever expanding characteristics. Of much interest is their infinite nature and would cause space-time bend in a vigorous manner that would theoretically result in possibility of time travel in space.

Time machines are also viewed to be able to help create a bend in space-time resulting into formation of infinite loops of closed time-like curves. This device would need the inclusion of negative energy density material.

The solution of the time travel paradox is still far from reality with the possible advanced theories failing the test of time. Just like the moving train passenger and walking pedestrian illustration, the possibility lies in the knowledge, belief and real insights of an individual. Advanced studies and research continue to give hope that someday an understanding would be reached at on how to solve the time travel paradoxes.

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