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Plastic bottles have increasingly been a menace regarding the contamination of the environment since it is impossible to avoid plastic bottles in our daily life. Its indeed factual that are various negative environmental and health impacts associated with disposable plastic bottles. Apart from the health effects, the plastic bottles also negatively affect the air and water bodies such as the ocean (Terry, 2015). Therefore, plastic bottles pollution involves a situation where plastics have gathered in a given area thereby negatively impacting the natural environment, creating problems for plants, wildlife, air, water and human population. Thus, discussed below are the significant implications of the plastic bottles on people, the environment.

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On the human impact, Bisphenol A (BPA) plastic bottles used in producing plastic bottles is harmful to people's health. A host of health related problem linked to this chemical, for instance, some types of cancer, neurological problems, quick puberty in girls, lowered fertility especially o women, premature labor and visible defects in newborn babies among others. Notably, the chemical penetrates into the body through the use of plastics such as bottled drinks and cleaning products. The polyvinyl chloride (PVC) also found in plastics are hideous chemicals related to a variety of developmental, reproductive effects, including low sperm count, testicular abnormality, and tumors.

On the hand, plastic bottles have different environmental impacts as it is harder to recycle. The unrecycled plastics end up in the soil, leaching dangerous chemicals into the ground and make the street filthy. Additionally, the plastic bottles end up disposed of in oceans and therefore the chemicals end up in the stomachs of the many marine animals. Apparently, we end up consuming these Marines forgetting that we are eating the chemicals.

Recommendations for plastic bottles pollution

Firstly recycling is an efficient method of minimizing the plastic bottle pollution. Recycling involves using the plastics for some other purposes instead of just putting them in trash. Secondly, participate with the government at any position in ensuring that is efficient management of plastic bottles wastes. Advice on the available alternatives and encourage developments of ideas where necessary. Lastly, companies should shift to reusable water bottles to avoid plastic waste effects to the environment.

Effects of Coltan Minerals

Apparently, our phones cannot work without the mineral called Coltan used for electronic circuits. This mineral has not only resulted in environmental pollution but also the death of many Africans especially in Congo due to the conflicts regarding the mineral which is in high demand. Although Coltan plays a significance role in powering our smartphones, laptops, and other high-tech devices, it has a negative impact to the Congolese and the environment.

The mining has led to serious deforestation in search for the mines. Consequently, once mining has taken place, the vegetation can not grow again thereby living the land bare, thereby causing soil erosion. Also, wildlife such as the lowland gorilla, and chimpanzee remain endangered as their homes destroyed due to mining. Similarly, conflicts have arisen, and the warlords have facilitated the killing of people with the aim of controlling the mineral sites.


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