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Hawaii is perceived to be one of the most beautiful islands in the universe. It is located in the southwestern part of the United States and is characterized by a warm tropical climate. Before I visited Hawaii, I assumed it was an aesthetically pleasing environment. Similarly, from the movies, as a signature sign, one sees birds hovering all over the ocean with the sun rays illuminating on their feathers. As described, my trip to Hawaii was the first topic that clicked in my mind when asked to write an essay. The trip was a surprise treat from my mother since it has always been my dream and luckily she has always noticed my keenness on Hawaii related stories. I could vividly remember every bit of this trip and what transpired while there. This trips memories are still fresh in my mind; how I felt and how everything appeared when I first stepped on the land.

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Coincidentally, the first time I went to Hawaii was also my first time aboard an airplane. It is still freshly engraved in my mind how my first close sight of planes, the planes were humongous unlike what we always see from the TVs. I found myself glued to one of the aircrafts, amazed by its size. As compared to the other planes on the airport, this was bigger with a red stripe running on its sides downwards. My mood was elated, but at the same time, I was still in denial that a plane that big can actually take off from the ground. Once we boarded the plane and secured our seats, I started looking around at everything that was within my eyes reach. Above us, there was a white circular air vent with some small lights attached next to it. The planes interior was organized and the control buttons situated on my armrest. On the same armrest, there was a headphone port designed for listening to music without disturbing the next passenger. On the wall separating the first-class passengers from the rest of the plane was a big screen mounted on it. I assumed that it was for displaying movies in order to ensure that the passengers are relaxed and comfortable. Unlike driving, it was possible to travel to your destination while watching movies; I found this to be cool. After everyone had secured their seats, thestewardess' voice was heard over the intercom and the safety procedures explained to us. This included fastening of seat belts, what to do in case there was an emergency or when the plane crash-landed. The stewardess also assisted those who had difficulties in putting on their seatbelts and soon after that our taxi out of the runway began.

After a few hours, we arrived at our destination safely. When I emerged from the planes door, into the bright, dazzling sun rays bouncing off the burning tarmac, I was hit by a feeling of nervousness coupled with anxiety. Clutching on to my beach bag, I immediately switched into the holiday with the hand slipping on my sunglasses. I gently descended the airspace. Just like in movies, overhead the screeching of the gulls could be heard mixed with the chattering sound of sparrow that could be spotted from a distance. It was not yet registered in my mind! I had actually landed in Hawaii. The Hawaiian sun shone down on my skin, radiating my whole body from the head down to my toes. I took in a deep breath as I was hit by a sweet, flowery scent originating from a small stand covered by a variety of flowers. There were roses of different kinds and other types of colors with a range of colors some of which I have never seen before. I walked over to the stand and bought from the owner a garland whose scent attracted me. I plunged my face into the petals of the flower to feel the scent more closely. I asked the stand owner the name of the particular flower which she said was referred to as the tuberose. The smell was so lovely that I bought the bouquet. Though it cannot be equated to the surprise given, I offered this bouquet to my mom as a sign of appreciation.

This is your time, go and enjoy whispered my mom. I pushed my way through the crowd of tourists and managed to access our luggage. I pulled both our suitcases from the conveyer belt and found our way into the waiting room where we were supposed to be picked by our friends. As we drove from the airport and into the city, the view now was getting interesting. Along the way, there were trees aligned along the road with red-pinkish flowers on each branch, some of them were laden with fruits like the mangoes and the papayas. The scene was beautiful that I had to take pictures; in one word, the town was gorgeous. The city was painted with different rich hues that made the town bright and vibrant.

After a short drive, the dazzling sea was now in our vicinity. It left me gasping for breath. We took a brief stop on a ground that was made of black lava rock. The sun drove its rays into the oceans dancing waves which further displayed its reflection in the eyes. The ocean had a mix of colors in deep blue and others in aquamarine green. I could hear the crash of the water as it was forced onto the black lava rock, in style and striking pattern, the water rose and sprayed into the air displaying a rainbow of mist. Next, we stopped at the Sandy beach. I bolted from the car and ran down towards the deep bluish oceanic waters. Under my feet, I could feel the warm sand from which the calf muscles struggled to maintain my balance and movement. I ripped my shirt off my bathing suit as I continued descending the beach towards the waters. The need to jump in was insane as the sun warmly massaged by the body. The water, as if eager to meet me, came to welcome me onto the beaches.

The waves gently crashed against the lava rocks and with each other making the rhythm enjoyable. I took deep breaths severally and went under the water. It was calming and slid against my body making the hair move with the waves. Despite the distance, I went further deep into the turquoise water; there were traces of sunlight piercing into the water making it appear gold like. The good feeling gave me the urge to go. Further, the muscle surged and gained the strength to propel further. It was not until the time my lungs could not persevere any longer due to the lack of oxygen that I came up. I took a huge breath replenishing my lungs with the precious breathing air- oxygen. I could feel the taste of the salty water trickling over my lips down my neck. It is unacceptable if I bring myself to forget even a small event that transpired during this trip. It was a memorable one that does not need to be forgotten or even locked away in a dusty closet. The stories heard were confirmed, and Hawaii will forever be an unforgettable experience.

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