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To improve my student life and the quality of education in general, I require funding and resources for upkeep, learning materials, and fees. In WSU there is an organizational process where funding can come from the university or the federal government in the form of grants. Grants do not need to repaid. The amount given depends mostly on the financial need of the student and the Expected Family Contribution. Grants mostly cover the tuition fees while funds for upkeep and learning materials require one to apply for student loans (Liefner 470) In WSU there are many forms of grants with each having diversified eligibility requirement. These grants include Federal Pell Grant, College Bond Scholarship, Federal supplemental educational opportunity grant and Washington State need grant. This funding helps in improving student life since the student becomes more comfortable resulting in increased productivity and reduces the drop-out rate of the college students.

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The process of grants and loans is both an internal and external activity since the university can offer grants to its students and they can also get funding from the government and other organizations. The process for being awarded grants includes applications from the students and scrutiny from the grants and loans body. The requirements vary from one grant to another. The student is required to meet various conditions which include eligibility, having the required credits, payment methods, and duration. Grants are offered to undergraduate students, post-baccalaureate students, graduates and professional students.

The output of a successful grant process is seen in the improvement of the quality of education and a better student life at the University. The end products of grants include promotion of academic capabilities of the students, improved relations and improved social and economic standards of the student. Better quality of grant allocation process can be achieved through equality and transparency. All students to be given equal opportunity with particular attention being paid to the financially struggling students. This ensures that grants are only given to the deserving students. Transparency should be maintained to have better results and achieve the expected outcomes. This ensures improved product quality and customer satisfaction.

Below is a chart that explains how reducing grants would have a negative result for university students and the government in general. I will use a specific example of the Federal Pell Grant which the Trump administration plans on fully eliminating in the next ten years. The government move to scrap this grant will have a destructive effect on students and render college education unaffordable to many Americans.

The results from the chart show that in the 1980s, the maximum Pell Grant enclosed more than half of the average yearly cost of joining a four-year public college. Reducing the maximum grant and stopping it for the next decade would decrease the share of covered costs from the present record low of 29 percent in 2016-17 to just 21 percent by 2026-27, rendering college less affordable in the future (TICAS). From the SPC analysis, the above chart shows the importance of the Pell Grant and other grants in general.


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