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Representing the state of Louisiana, the Grambling State Tigers mens team has over the last season, overcome nothing short of a miracle comeback from the Floridian Miami Mens Basketball team, for them to complete their fifth straight upset victory86-72 on Friday night.

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In an uncommon overtime contest and right in front of a sold-out crowd of approximately 11, 000 spectators, the Tigers managed to pull away right after a grueling first quarter as Michael Poker continued to seriously destroy their Miami opponents in his very first NBL appearance. To crown this all, right after scoring a solid four-pointer at the depth to give the Tigers their domineering victory over the Miami men in the previous weekend, the Louisianan Tigers turned it on again in another fiery performance. Driving right to the line with anger and impunity, the teams best-renowned player hit even much more of his shots from downtown.

The Hosts, Miami mens team, received their three chances right before their final possession before Parker who had been cheered through and at the same time taunted by many of the home fans took his final shot and buried a contested dagger from deep to finally tie the match. And just like a fairy-tale, the contest looked set, over time and against an unwavering rowdy and hostile crowd and a furious Miami mens team.

Having broken a run of four consecutive losses against the Grambling State Tigers, and currently with two straight wins now under their belt, Christian highlights that Miami Heat has been a strong team that has managed to outperform others as well as defy major odds to survive in the playoffs. In December 2016, the team managed to win in Denver in a very tight play notwithstanding the presence of major injuries for some of the core players. The team as a strong one for the Miami area has produced valuable players like Erik Spoelstra and Johnson who have undisputedly earned their way into the hall of fame. The Miami teams in basketball have set schedules that they are necessitated to adhere to sustain their presence in the main leagues.

With the clash between these two monster teams going to extra-time, it is no doubt that the first quarter is tough and grueling as the Miami Men raise their shoulders high and come out looking to make what seems like their life determining statement. According to their scheduling website, the Gambling state University and the Miami University have been highlighted as the core propagators of the enrolment process for the players, and they have managed to choose several core players from the recruits. The University dispense funding for training and offering support and facilities for the players. The Grambling State University team has however been awarded the Big Ben trophy for their outstanding performances in the region in the mens category.

Turning our attention away from the teams background information, Erik Spoelstra, the renowned Miami-Men Superstar fights his way through with a three-point that four others but Johnson answers with two free throws. On the other hand, a further additional three points by the Miami Mens Team puts the hosts at two points ahead of the Tigers. Once again, and similar to the first half, the Tigers open the second period, and they take an immediate lead as they immediately ease out to a seven-point lead, 90 seconds into the second half.

For this reason, this acts a cue for the Grambling State Tigers to immediately tighten their screws on their defense once again since from the current state of events, they are only restricting their opponents to a mere 11 points before the halftime window, while at the same time, they put 28 points themselves.

Doubtless speaking, Michael Poker, now 13 points of the quarter finds his range from beyond the arc finds his partner, Johnson, now at 10 points for this particular game right at the arc and adds a perfect polish and into the basket. This, in essence, is an ease out by the hosts to a 58-48 advantage at the main break.

Finally, at this point the visitors got themselves three chances right on their final possession before their counterparts, the Miami Men put a smooth finish to the unending fairy-tale at a ninety-two second overtime against the unwavering and study Louisianas Grambling State Tigers. This was rather unexpected.

Speaking to Say It, our daily online news cite, Ohio, right after the match Broderick Fobbs, coach to the Grambling State Tigers contends that, For us to continue winning more games, we need to address our defense accordingly as well as remain close to each other as possible. Yes, we have made shots, defended to the best of our abilities, and also created turnovers; but our primary concern remains the fact that the proximity between our players is compromised.

The Miami Mens Basketball team, take the lead in group B while Grambling State Tigers lag behind at position five and a couple of spots behind the reigning champions, California and New Jersey.

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