Essay on Empowerment and Human Diversity

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Facets of human diversity incorporate different dimensions such as age, social class, and cultures among others. Age is a key aspect of diversity especially for the elderly. They tend to be discriminated due to preconceived speculations about the old rather than their personal attributes, characteristics, and capabilities. Social class is a ranking based on the aspects of wealth, educational achievements, or one`s family background. Culture is a way of life often carried on from one generation to the next. They include values that dictate what is right or wrong and beliefs of what is true or false (Karen, 2017).. These result in varying behavior among different communities which may be similar or different, and in the case of the latter, may result in discrimination and unfair treatment of some groups by not agreeing with their way of life.

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Cultural competence contains a particular set of skills and knowledge that social workers acquire and use to meet the cultural needs of individuals and communities. As a result, an important aspect of cultural competence requires one to understand various cultural issues since many countries have a significantly diverse population, and others have races whose genetic heritage are complex and difficult to trace (Karen, 2017).. For example in the United States, the current population of individuals who are colored is more than one-third. Because of these, social workers must be well equipped to handle clients of a different cultural background than theirs. This involves understanding that people from different cultures have different expectations, requirements, and needs and they should find a way to fulfill them.

In conclusion, empowerment is a process in which an individual can improve their personal and interpersonal relations so as to better their life situation. Through it, one can experience professional growth and development. It helps to employ critical thinking to aid in self-awareness and cultural self-awareness and improve treatment of people with different types of gender expressions (Karen, 2017).. Furthermore, it reduces the effect of feminism by supporting women who have been affected by domestic violence in their communities. This has allowed many women to embody a feeling of safety and has improved their mutual interaction and communication. In turn, they feel accepted and have a sense of belonging.

There has been a significant improvement in cultural competence which has been applied by social workers. This has allowed people of various ethnic groups to coexist and relate together. Nevertheless, people`s perception of their race or background being better is still evident (Karen, 2017).. All in all, empowerment has been and continues to be a major factor in combating issues of inequality and human diversity. It has brought a significant positive impact on the issues that arise from diversity among people. Through it, the world though still divided in various aspects, is more cohesive than it was in the past.


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