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Basketball coaching is typically the most vital and exciting job around the world. In this regard, to emerge as a competent coach, one needs to establish their philosophy as it facilitates the application of the appropriate coaching strategies. This way, my coaching philosophy appears to be pretty basic: hard work, passion, and the development of highly skilled players. As a matter of fact, working to my capability is not something I take for granted. For this reason, I often try as much as possible to learn the aspects of the game from various sources such as watching tapes, attending workshops, interacting with other coaches, as well as reading magazines and blogs. For this reason, I can comfortably confess my happiness.

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My deep passion for becoming a trainer since the elementary education in Brooklyn Latin School - is the fundamental drive towards coaching basketball. I also believe the career is lucrative, just like the adored medicine, engineering, as well as accounting; and, specifically, this acted as my key motivator. I am confident that I coach for the right reasons since I usually try to bring forth my passion to the practicing floor and spread it to the players. One of my greatest goals is to be passionate in every task I undertake in the daily routine. I also prioritize nurturing the childrens dreams of becoming successful on and off the court. Above all, I value honesty at all cost and, interestingly, I have managed to undertake the above-mentioned since joining New Yorks Coaches Academy 2 years ago. Over time, my elder sister has been my primary inspiration for the entire journey, especially after watching her coach basketball for three years and hardly lost. I emulated her since she has the actual acceptance quality. Thus, I have been able to assist the Cass-Lake Bena team to receive its success share for the last two seasons. For this reason, I am aiming at ensuring the team engages in a fast-paced game.

More importantly, as a coach, I embrace ramification for either right or wrong outcome during a daily routine practice to keep players motivated and focused. For instance, regarding the positive reinforcement, I take the time to correct someone. On the other hand, about the negative reinforcement, if the team portrays improved efforts during the practice, I omit the wind sprints at the end of the spell. In this regard, I believe that I am a good coach. However, to become a better trainer, I would be required to demonstrate leadership skills that instill confidence amongst the players.

Arguably, I believe that success does not possess a magic formula all that matters is a persons beliefs and what they are comfortable doing. In this regard, I prefer that one should sacrifice their pride to fit the available team. The reason herein being that it is hard to recruit a particular childs talent to meet anothers personality.

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