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Why Invest in Properties in Birmingham?

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Birmingham is second largest and one of the most thriving cities in the United Kingdom. It is an impressive central location that sparks admiration to millions of people every year. The city prides itself to be a premier location to live and work. Endowed with three universities, it is also a prime location to study. At the moment, it houses the second largest student population outside of London. It is home to the Cadbury World and Jaguar Landover that attracts visitors to the city every year. Outside of London, Birminghams New Street Station is the busiest rail interchange. The city is also the main center of the National Express bus network. It also has its airport that connects the city to New York, Amsterdam, Paris among other popular destinations.

From the beginning of 2013, markets in Birmingham have seen significant changes. For instance, the demand for investment properties outstripped its supply. The city was recently listed among the top ten investment hotspots in the world. This is as prices in London continue to unprecedented levels. The newest investments include the renovation of the Birmingham New Street Station worth close to 600 million and a 32 billion approval for construction of the High Speed 2 (HS2) rail. The construction of the HS2 rail offers an unmatched potential for growth linking the Birmingham City to London by a 49-minute journey. This will make the city a desirable location for investors and owner occupiers.

Over the next few years, Birmingham is bound to see significant investments in infrastructure. This includes an extension of the Birmingham International Airport. Therefore, this an ideal time to consider making Birmingham your investment potential. It is imperative to hire the services of investment agents in Birmingham. The agents offer advisory services regarding the purchase, acquisition and management of investment properties. The Enlighten Estate Agents are among the best agents for advisory services in the United Kingdom.

We are based in Birmingham and offer customers who work with us free valuation service, zero VAT and very competitive prices. We also employ the latest technology in all our services, coupled with our professional and highly trained staff. This guarantees all our customers the best service provision in the market. Also, we have extended working hours starting from 8 am to 8 pm from Monday to Friday as well as 8 am to 8 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Customers should make reservations at any time between this allocated time. We also offer course professional development (CPD) services regularly and always keep our promises.

Talk to us today by dialing 0121 249 0783 or email us your query at [email protected]. More information about our company and services can be attained from our official website.

Want to Sell or Let Your Property? Enlighten Estate Agents Are Here for You!

Whether buying, selling or renting your house, our local Enlighten Estates agents will be much help to you. They will ensure that the experience goes smoothly. Some of the possible reasons that may compel landlords to sell their properties include downsizing, change of lifestyle and growing family. Other reasons include to be closer to family, retirement, to release equity, divorce/separation, investment and for relocation purposes.

If you are relocating, why not consider the option of letting? Letting will allow your property to pay for itself while allowing you to build equity. You will also be able to make regular investments in properties while receiving a substantial tax break. All the above options are great. However, the exercise might take up much of the precious time, time that you could otherwise have spent with your family. So how do you maintain your cash inflow without consuming much of your time? Using the professionalism of a letting agent is the best option.

The letting agent will manage your rental payments so that you are sure to receive your rent on time, every time. The agent will also be responsible for checking your investment to ensure the propertys safety. Agents will also check and fix any damages incurred on the building. The agents will also keep your property at par with the latest legal policies to ensure that all requirements are observed. Also, the agents will find suitable tenants for your property. They will hold the tenants deposits on the property so as to avoid repair bills caused by the tenants at the end of their tenancy.

Why use Enlighten Estate and Letting Agents?

We possess the local knowledge of Birmingham. Therefore, they are capable of finding you the property that suits your needs. Our prices are competitive and come with free valuation services for your property. When dealing with us, you avoid Value Added Taxes, and also you have access to our Course Professional Development (CPD) services. Here at Enlighten Estate Agents, we use the latest technology in providing our services. All our staff members are professionals with a vast experience in investments. We have extended working hours all weekdays from 8 am to 8 pm and a pre-arranged appointment service on Saturdays and Sundays. Most of all, we are in constant communication with all our customers to ensure that they attain the maximum satisfaction.

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