Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing

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Clinical innovations involve making minor or major changes to a current system. However, in certain instances, the entire healthcare system is redesigned. The innovations bring a break from what the health practitioners are used to on their daily routines. It is important to note that innovative delivery care is a systematic process that does not happen abruptly. Among such innovative delivery care models are the safety-net clinics. In this model, nurses are able to deliver healthcare services to persons without insurance and those without the ability to pay (Quan et al. 2011). The nurses give medications to the disadvantaged by disregarding their payment abilities. The model aids the nurses to bring medical services closer to the patients especially those who cannot access medical care in large hospitals yet they suffer from major complications.

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Necessary Leadership Skills

Developing and executing innovative delivery care models such as safety-net clinics necessitates nurses to have particular leadership skills. The skills are important to ensure that the clinics are operated in a professional capacity and deliver quality services. One of the crucial abilities that a nurse working in the safety-net clinic model must possess is excellent communication skills. As a leader, a nurse must be able to communicate with the patients accessing medical services from the safety-net clinic. One must have the ability to tell those individuals with complications to seek medical attention from better equipped hospitals. Through excellent communication, nurses are able to influence policies that affect patients welfare (Sullivan 2013). Without the ability to convince these patients, maintaining the safety-net clinic becomes hard for the nurses. In line with the communication skills, the nurses in safety-net clinics must possess relationship management skills that enable them to enable them to manage such projects as well as the emergencies and conflicts that arise. Also, relationship management skills enable the nurses to react to many situations that arise in safety-net clinics.

The ability to build individual accountability is another crucial leadership skill necessary for nurses in safety-net clinics. It is imperative for nurses to be accountable for their actions. Every activity conducted in the safety-net clinics must be documented and kept in the hospital records as either hard or soft copies. Individual accountability helps to eliminate the free riders who may stall the progress of the clinics (Quan et al. 2011). As a nurse leader, an individual must be accountable for everything that happens within their jurisdiction.

Relationship with ANAs Code of Ethics

The nursing authority is founded on a social responsibility aspect. According to ANAs provisions, there is a close relationship between the nursing profession and the society. As such, delivering healthcare services nearer to the people using safety-net clinics shows an approach that supports the relationship between nursing and the society. The nursing profession is aimed at establishing quality working conditions for the benefit of the patients (Fowler 2008). ANAs provisions necessitate the latter. Safety-net clinics promote this rule by ensuring that persons with minor ailments are taken care of by excluding the lengthy process of booking appointments. With adherence to ANAs code of ethics, nurses ensure delivery of quality healthcare for the welfare of the patients. There are many delivery care models that medical facilities can adopt for the benefit of the patients. However, a hospital should only implement a model that it can sustain.


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