Dr. Faustus: Fate vs. Free Will

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A theme in any piece of literate is the universal truth that the piece promotes. In this manner, themes help in proving that universally accepted truths exist and that there is need for the society to acknowledge the truths. The play Dr. Faustus by Christopher Malowe helps in supporting various themes in the society and through this, it provides knowledge to the society and promotes education to the young generations. Some of the themes as evident in the play are such as the fate vs. free will, power as a corrupting influence, the divided nature of man and sin, redemption and damnation. The theme of sin redemption and damnation, otherwise Dr. Faustus fate vs. free will takes the center stage of the play and would be the interest of this paper.

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First the theme of fate vs. free will plays out perfectly in the book and this is evident when Dr. Faustus seeks to make a pact with Lucifer. Through the pact, he hopes to succeed and acquire the limitless knowledge and power. By disobeying God, the kook proves that he quickly becomes successful and the play proves that so soon he profits in divinity, and tackles all the challenges he faces. The theme helps in showing the understanding that the Christians have on the bible. The book proves that Christianity has a different perspective on sin contrary to Gods.

Forgiveness also plays out in the theme. This is because the theme suggests that every sin that a human being commits can be forgiven through the redemption by Jesus Christ. This is contrary to the view of Lucifer that condemns to death Dr. Faustus after luring him. The condemnation of Dr. Faustus is evident as he is told that What art thou Faustus, but a man condemned to die? However, the death Jesus Christ offers redemption to humanity.

Through the words The stars move still, time runs, the clock will strike, the book shows what pushes Faustus to join the cult. This shows how Lucifer lie to the people to join the underworld for reasons of acquiring fast wealth and which leads people to the dark side spiritually. The book encourages people to be loyal to the Gods spiritual teachings. The consequences of choosing the devils side is evident as Faustus is willing to repent but it is too late. As a result, God condemns him to eternal hell.


The play has a Christian background that advices people to stick to the Christian teachings. The play also shows the consequences of disobeying the God and offers solutions on the same. Much interest is also given to the impact of material things in the modern society and the need to show less interest of material things on the lives of human beings. Finally there is need for the society to seek redemption timely to avoid the consequences that Dr. Faustus went through. This would help in reducing the cases of disobedience to God.

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