Diverse Cultural Behaviors in Different Communities

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2) Select a source to use for Part I of the paper. You will be using your textbook and the article by Miner for this section as well, but for this assignment, include the source you found on your own. Review the tutorial on evaluating sources and enter the reference in the space below.

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Reference entry in APA format:

Miner, H. (1956). Body ritual among the Nacirema. American Anthropologist, 58(3), 503-507.

3) Select one article from the list for Part II. Once you've made your selection, please delete all other options.

Hoodfar, H. (1993). The veil in their minds and on our heads: The persistence of colonial images

of Muslim women. Resources for Feminist Researchers, 22, 5-18. Retrieved from http://www.umass.edu/wost/syllabi/spring06/hoodfar.pdf

4) Summarize each of your sources.

Summary of your source for Part I (include one to two paragraphs). Enter the summary in the space below.

Body ritual among the Nacirema is an article authored by Miner published in 1956. The article examines the cultural diversity issues among Nacirema community. Also, the article talks about the social behavior and cultural practices among the people of Nacirema. Miner tries to depict the cultural beliefs and cultural composition that the people of Nacirema. The author says that Nacirema culture is associated by a highly developed market economy. Miner further explains that every household of a powerful person in the community has a shrine. Miner explains that Nacirema people consider the ritual a significant part of their lives. The Nacirema people consider diseases and other issues that are not human related to be caused by supernatural forces. Therefore, they have their own way of dealing with such issues. For example, the medicine men are considered special to the community and they performed rituals that help people heal. There are certain ways in which women were expected to behave especially when they were pregnant. For example, expectant women were expected to dress in such a way that the pregnancy could not be seen.

Summary of your source for Part II (include one to two paragraphs). Enter the summary in the space below.

The veil in their Minds and on our Heads is an article authored by Hoodfar in 1993. The author explains the cultural experiences that Muslim women go through. The author gives her experience in a Muslim society. She explains the cultural and religious practices Muslim women in the Middle East and North African countries engage in. The author explains how she has criticized her religion and culture. Also she explains her attempts to question the cultural practices and beliefs in the Muslim communities. She says that despite her attempt to question the primitive cultural practices in the Muslim communities especially when it comes to women, no one listens to her concerns. Hoodfar tries to explain the historical development of veil among the Islamic cultures. She explains that people have held bad perception about Islamic women because of the veil they wear that covers the whole body except a small space in the face. According to Hoodfar, the community and even media have always related the veil wearing as ignorance. Further, she explains that people have perceived Islamic women who wears veil as unproductive and therefore, they cannot contribute to the societal development like their male counterparts. This has led to the oppression and isolation of women from societal issues in the Islamic culture.

5) Write a working thesis statement based on your sources. See this example.

Working Thesis Statement:

There are diverse cultural behaviors in different communities across the world and every community has its unique way of responding to a situation; however as Miner (1956) states, sometimes we are surprised by the most exotic customs and cultural practices we see in diverse communities and how they respond to the same situation.

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