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In the case of dealing with the challenges in the process of making the decision as to where to place the advertisements, there is need to analyze the various options that the managers have in order to confirm that they make the best decisions that can help them in fulfilling the goals and strategies in the organization (Jobber & Ellis-Chadwick, 2012). One of the lessons that can be learnt from the cost assessment manager is to accept ideas from various professionals in order to compare the various options that are available in the fulfillment of organizational goals. The manager, knowing that he has limited knowledge about the placement of advertisement, accepts ideas and suggestions from various managers and this helps in the holistic examination of the whole issue and leads to the making of the best decision that helps in the improvement goals of the organization by placing the advertisement in the right place.

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In the case of making decisions, it would be advisable to decide on the rate of purchase and this is because of the low rate of tax that the company will be charging on the customers that would help in attracting the new customers and encourage the current customers to retain their membership in the company. The increase in the rates is gradual and this relates directly to the maturity of the customers seeking to ensure that there is growth of the customers in the organization. In order to make a thorough assessment, there is need to know the benefits of each package and the importance that they have on the customers to ascertain that they can benefit the clients (Lovelock, Patterson & Wirtz, 2014). It is in this case that the clientele would have the ease of deciding on the best package that suits them. This would advise on the best way and avenue to place the ad and that can attract the highest number of viewers.


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Discussion 3.2

In the case where the lawyers are seen to be changing their pay structure from the traditional per hour billing to the upcoming per project billing, there is bound to arise various effects and consequences that need to be tackled in order to ensure that the quality of service that the lawyers offer does not fall. In the process of changing the payment system, there are various issues that need to be analyzed and one of them is the value added to the client firms (Hart, Herbert Lionel Adolphus., 2012). In order for a law firm to ensure that it maintains fair and profitable operations in the society, there are several factors that come into play in order to maximize on the profits at the same time improve in the quality of services. On the occasions where the lawyers get paid per case files, they need to introduce various procedures to improve on their services and at the same time help in the maximizing profits for the law firms.

One of the ways in which the law firms can improve on their quality of service and profitability is through the expansion of the clientele base through the better marketing initiatives. There should be successful marketing of the law firms and the partners of the law firms should seek new sources of profitable business in the society. In this manner, the lawyers need to engage in the keen analysis of the buy-ins and make the law firms to determine the principal marketing focus that would help in the achievement of the goals either independently of departmentally (Rembar, 2015). This would give law firms the ability to give high quality services to the clientele and at the same time remain profitable.

The second method that the firms need to ensure that they engage in the increase in profits and at the same time deliver high quality services is to cross-sell the expertise of the clients (Rembar, 2015). Cross-selling of the legal expertise is the best option available in the reduction of expenses in the organization. This is a process that helps in obtaining new projects from the existing clients. This however does not encourage seeking new clients but using the new clients to improve on the referrals. This helps in increasing customer base by improving the ties by using the existing customers.


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