Disaster Planning and Climate Justice

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The case of the hurricane sandy shows the challenges the middle class and the low-income earners usually face when there are cases of social disasters such as hurricanes. One of the challenges that are evident from the social challenges is that there is usually the widespread of the cases of discrimination and inequalities in the process of providing the relief services to the citizens.

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There are various cases of discrimination in the American society and this proves the need for the relevant authorities to ensure that there is interest put towards the reduction of the social discrimination of the minority in the modern society. The issue of race, class and disaster gentrification plays out in the process from the Hurricane Sandy proving the need to call for government intervention to help in tackling the effects of disasters and the cases of discrimination of the minority in America.

From the two cases of the Hurricane Sandy, there is the development of the argument that the relief services do not meet the set objectives as they help in the promotion of discrimination in the society. One issue that plays out is the promotion of the discrimination along the races on the occasions when the social disasters take place. This is because the wealthy member of the society and the politically powerful member of the society use the opportunities to displace the minority and the politically weak member in the society and causes more challenges to the people that are affected by the epidemics, This misplaced priorities in the process of offering relief services on the aftermath of disaster in the society.

One of the issues that need to be tackled is the language and eligibility barriers that prevent the immigrants from accessing the relief services. It is in this manner that calls for the society to engage in the reduction of the social challenges to help in improving the effectiveness of relief services in the society.

There is the belief that there are powerful forces behind the provision of the relief services on the occasions when there are disasters in the society. This is because there is outright discrimination of the blacks and the Hispanics and this helps in championing white superiority in the society as the relief services give much focus to the wealthy and the whites in America. It is factual that there is need to give priority to the poor in the society in the process of offering relief services to those affected by disaster. However, the poor members in the society usually carry the heaviest burden because due to the disaster, there is usually the increase in land rates making it harder for the immigrants to maintain living in their former houses. This is usually a strategy that seeks to evict the immigrants and the Blacks and the Hispanics from their homes.

The disasters in America prove the effects of social inequalities in the society and explain why there is much focus on the whites and the wealthy citizens. The administrations in the United States put great focus on the welfare of the rich and their financial welfare as opposed to the welfare of the citizens. This is evident in the case where Mayor Michael Bloomberg focused on the restoration of the stock exchange at the expense of the plight of the poor citizens.

The social inequality in the country greatly impacts the service provision to the society and this proves to be of great importance in the society and affects cohesion between citizens. This is also contrary to the goals of service provision to the victims as there is need to ensure that there is need to focus on the development of unity and cohesion among the citizens.

The lack of interest of the government on the welfare of the citizens is evident on the aftermath of the Hurricane Sandy where the authorities give minimal assistance to the citizens but focus on the gentrification of the citizens. This helps in proving the other point that the American government focuses on the improvement of the economies even without considering the effects of the same on the citizens.

The social exclusion by the government is alarming and this greatly affects the effectiveness of the service delivery to the citizen in that it leads to the various effects to. Additionally, lack of unity and cohesion between the Blacks, the Hispanics and the whites in America results due to the increasing cases of gentrification and this is calls to the society to unite and fight for their rights and avoid unfair displacements from their original homes to the foreign lands. The charity organizations usually have superficial accounts of help that they bring to the society. However, there are deeper accounts of social fissures and inequalities in the society that require mitigation in order to realize the true aim of such organization in the improvement of the living conditions of the modern generations.

The case of the disaster of the Hurricane Sandy helps in showing the emergence of racial and class exclusions and this proves the fact that there is need to engage in the reduction of the cases of exclusions and the improvement of unity and cohesion in the society.

In the light of the evident cases of racial and social class exclusion and the increase in the cases of gentrification, the society needs to focus on the streamlining of the relief organizations and government agencies to engage in the examination of the effectiveness of the organization to examine the challenges that the organizations face in the process of providing the services to those affected with disasters. One of the strategies that would help in the restoration of cohesion in the communities is to reduce the impacts of capitalism. This is because capitalism is given too much importance at the expense of the living conditions of the citizens. In the modern world, capitalism has been of greater importance to the as opposed to the welfare of the citizens and this is because of the increase in competition of various economies in the world over and the need to encourage industrialization.

The argument is that there is too much focus on the income-generation activities that there is lost the need to invest on the welfare of the citizens. It is in this manner that calls for the government agencies to improve the welfare of the citizens to reduce the cases of disaster that can be controlled by investing in the human welfare. Having too much focus on the economic development therefore downplays the great economic strides that the country has made in years.


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