Development of a Socio-Ecological Resilience as a Mechanism of Reducing the Waste of Land

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Accuracy: The paper deals with the changes in urban planning and the change processes that inhibit the development of local infrastructure. The paper is more focused on the development of a socio-ecological resilience as a mechanism of reducing the waste of land. The use of new strategies in curbing irregular land use has been put to question in the journal, and they have been successful in reducing the waste of land hence reorganizing urban planning techniques.

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Currency: The journal was published in 2015, this shows the relevance of the information in the journal. All the data published in the journal are relatable to the current factors that influence the development and implementation of urban planning activities on a global scale. The current state of infrastructure development is growing rapidly. The paper proposes the use of socio-ecological resilience as a tool for controlling the changes in infrastructure development with the aim of enforcing controlled urban planning.

Objectivity: The journal deals with urban planning and the change process that can be put in place in order to impact the local infrastructure of a given city. The Journal cites examples of two empirical studies conducted in Germany; one focused on the analysis of impacts of climatic challenges and how it impacts on the urban planning development. The second study is highly explorative; it focused on the application of resilience concept specifically socio-ecological resilience in relationship to urban planning and development. The authors explain how financial constraints, the lack of human capital and political influences curb the implementation of proper urban planning strategies.


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