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Cultural normsThe populations of the southern have a unique culture which is an exemplary in the entire region. They have a very well and organize culture comprising of the food, arts, literature, music, their dance and even the manner in which they conduct themselves. They have the manners and the mores that are unique to the rest parts of the peoples of the world. The rest parts of the America have adopted the same culture. It is merely considered as the American culture. They have their particular food which is referred as the southern food. This paper seeks to analyses the cultural norms, family dynamics and the attitude of the southern peoples towards the health care.

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Southern cultural food

The southern food is unique and they are pretty good. Many argue if their diet is healthy, but the fact is that the traditional foods are always good for our bodies health. There is no objection on their foods since they are preferred in almost all parts of the world, and no health issues have been reported. They have a very sweet aroma, and they test sweet (Pillsbury, 2014). . They incorporate their foods a wide variety of food and they mixed them all together to make delicious meals ever.

They integrate the knowledge from the different cultures and incorporate to their own hence making great food. They prepare seafood Cajun, taximen, and the traditional country chokings. They make a type of foods which are nicknamed the ''soul food ''by the customers because of their taste. They cook food of different kinds, and they tend to be enjoyed by the people of almost the whole parts of America and have brought a greater influence on the peoples and also to the entire country (Pillsbury, 2014).

Southern music

The have a unique music which is enjoyed in the whole parts of the region. Their music is unique from the rest of the music in the area. The sounds of their songs are unique and have a smooth rhythm. Their music has an educative message. The movement of their music is very rhythmic and enjoyable. The whole parts of America are influenced by their music from this area. The peoples from the southern regions are very talented, and their music always hit.

Southern manners

The etiquette is a very important entity in the populations of the south. They are the individuals with the proper methods and the right behaviors. It is the auspicious hospitality which the people of the southern possess (Pillsbury, 2014). They teach their children to grow in a moral way

Southern language

They a unique way of speaking which differentiates them from the other English speakers. Their slang words, colloquialism and their different rate of talking distinguishes them from the English speakers in America (Pillsbury, 2014). They have a unique accent which makes the very different among the other English speakers. Their accent can be easily identified from the rest speakers in various parts of the state.

The southern peoples family dynamics

This refers to the social interactions between the families. The peoples of the south have a very well organized family dynamics system. They are monogamous in nature, and they have nuclear family models. The family is the basic unit and therefore the family has the whole responsibility of bringing up the child and giving all the necessities (Pillsbury, 2014). They teach their children on how to grow up morally and depicts real morals always.

The families are interrelated therefore they work together with the other families in the region for the wellness and harmonious stay. The southern families have their roles to play. They bring up the children, maintains the community hygiene, bear and raise the children and educate them. They are the one to instill the right morals to the children and play an interconnected role to ensure that they enhance the life of the community (Rose & Fermin, 2016). The families have a significant role to play in the community. They work in hand with the community members to strengthen the continuity of the society.

The southern families are unique as compared to the other cultures around the world. The way they organized themselves is unique as compared to the other to the other cultures of the different parts of the world. They have the clan system which they always hold a ceremony to bring together all the tribesmen to strengthen their unity. The southern families leave in the same region, and they assist each other in the day to day life (Rose & Firmin,2016).They have the norms governing their conduct and whoever going against them are punished accordingly. They abide by the general rules governing the behavior in the society and whoever bend them are either shunned or heavily punished by the society

They have very intact standards and regulations governing the general behavior and their practices go hand in hand with the other rules of the state. They ensure that their children or anybody from their kinship lineage is not adopted and also keep the secrets of the clan(Rose & Fermin, 2016).. The kids play a very crucial role, and together they enhance the harmonious stay. The have the strong kinship ties and emphasize on the division of labor. They assign different roles to boys and girls. The southern society emphasizes on the equality of both genders, and therefore they give same services to the boys and girls.

Southern peoples attitude towards the health care

The peoples of the south have a wider knowledge of the health services provisions despite the fact that they are sidelined by the government. The people of the south have a full understanding of the information concerning their health. They have the full knowledge of the issues concerning the causes of the malnutrition and how to prevent it (Pillsbury, 2014). They work hard to ensure a very healthy society. They have a full understanding of the causes of the HIV and AIDS and their causes and how to avoid them.

They ensure that the health issues are dealt with as first as possible. In making the policies, they ensure that the health plans are put to be the priority and so that they can leave healthy life in the society. They have a greater understanding of the way they address client issues. Most of them are health providers and they strictly adhere to the health measures like eating healthy food, hygiene, and awareness of HIV and AIDS (Pillsbury, 2014).They emphasize on the construction of several hospitals to curb the health issues like malaria, pregnancies, and other minor ailments. They have a well lay down health provision strategies which strive to improve the health status of the citizens.

The southern peoples have a great culture, and most Americans have emulated them. Their way of doing things is unique and have influenced many individuals. Their dance and music have influenced many since they look unique and captivating. Their culture has intensified, and in future, it may expand to most parts of America especially the influence of their culture.


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