Community Enrichment Centres

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Community Centres are public places where members of the community gather for any group activities, public information, social support and interaction for other purposes. Some examples of community centres include boys and girls clubs, teens centre, after-school programmes and neighbourhood enrichment centres among others. The goal of the community centres is involved in locality development and social action. Their purpose is to draw life and inspiration from the settlement house movement.

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Why is there a focus on providing services to low-income populations?

Community centres being places where social activities are carried out they help in identifying the low- income populations. It brings the concentration on providing those communities so as to ensure that there are equal with the other members of the society. Moreover, much focus is entailed to make sure there is economy balance in the community. The government addresses the issue by providing financial support to the low- income populations to bridge the difference between the wealthy and the have-nots.

What happens when populations live in rural areas, with little access to services, what are options for these populations?

When the residents live in rural areas with limited access to services they lead to the competition of the adequate resources available. Due to lack of enough resources, rationing of the resources is forced to apply to ensure that each member of the population can access the little service available. Moreover, rural to urban migration is encouraged to reduce congestion and competition of service offered to the rural population.

Do you feel technology should be made available to all users at a public library, addressing the question, should student users at the public library be able to access social media, play games, and utilise dating sites?

Technology should be made available to all users at a public library. The highest population access to the public library to get access to technology. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the availability of technology to all users at any public library for them to be equipped with the changes of the worldwide events. However, restrictions should be made to student users at the public libraries. They should be limited to the access of social, play games and dating sites. It is to help them not to engage in unrelated education matters.

How should decisions be made when it comes to members of the community?

When it comes to members of the community decisions making should be done to flow in a top to bottom manner rather than bottom up. The society should have various boards which have more information on the majority occupants. It is to certify that proper decision is made which satisfies each member in the community. Therefore, the decision acquired from the above should be followed in a known channel to the bottom.

What elements do you feel should exist in a neighbourhood advisory board?

The neighbourhood advisory board is purposed to provide opportunities for residents to participate in the programme planning. Therefore, the neighbourhood advisory board require elements such as a well- organised area citizens advocacy group which will meet regularly at the multipurpose centre to address the issues brought forward by the members of the community.

What keeps community centres open?

The interaction of the members of the community keeps the community centres open. It is necessary for the community centres to be open to everyone in the community to present their needs for assistance.

Have you noticed in your own city, any community centres that have closed due to economics? If so, which ones?

Due to economic instability, it has resulted in the closure of some of the community centres. The affected community centres include the youth fund groups and women microfinance society among others.

What is meant by a community centre purpose to be a "one-stop shop" for its participants and citizens?

A community centre purpose to be a one-stop shop for its member and citizens means that, it is a place where local people can assemble to exchange services and act together for the good of their community.


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