Choise of Education Paths: Doctor of Dental Surgery

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The confirmation for my passion in health science course was reached after my undergraduate education. I did a one-year internship from which I gained extra knowledge and expertise. My work as a dental assistant at Reddy Dental Clinic enabled me to acquire the knowledge that a dentist is required to have, in order to deal with patients from all cultures without discrimination. This experience has taught me to become flexible and to appreciate people with different opinions. I have also done voluntary camps in remote areas, learning institutions and at the Smile organization. A healthy smile from my clients has always given me peace and satisfaction.

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My pursuit of masters in Biology was motivated by my desire to undertake a course in health sciences. Having achieved Bachelors of Dental Surgery successfully, I had a broad range of health science courses to choose from for my advanced studies. I settled for masters in Biology since it would open up more chances for courses in health sciences. I considered Doctor of Dentistry Surgery alongside other health sciences hence I needed good grounds for my doctorate course. My internship at Arkansas childrens hospital and SCA has however solidified my decision to become a dentist as it linked me to my dreams and challenged my current knowledge. My decision to pursue Doctor of Dental Surgery has therefore been arrived at following a thorough and careful consideration, and I am certain that DDS/DDM program will satisfy my personal and professional goals.

My exemplary academic performance and work experience has not only made me a critical thinker but has also exposed me to different working environments enabling me to be flexible. It has also shaped me to become a well-motivated individual who is open-minded, ready to learn and accepts new challenges. The various working experience has also with improved my communication and leadership skills. It is my expectation that DDS/DDM graduate program will help me to polish these skills further. My belief, in finding a solution to every problem through commitment, dedication, and proper planning, has taught me that challenges make me a good problem solver and a solution finder.

My choice of this university was made after thorough research. I finally settled on this institution due to its reputation for the production of competent dentists and cultivation of a leadership culture. This university is also ranked among the best universities of its caliber. It is famous for its modern and technological, medical instruments and machinery. The universitys research oriented culture also attracted me to be associated with it. If given a chance, I will bring in my academic knowledge and work experience to share with my fellow students and also work hard in order to complete my doctorate successfully.

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