Characteristics of a Dystopian Society

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A dystopian society is whereby a government has total control over everything that one does, a culture in which one has no individual choice (Call). Anything that one does against the government is punishable by death, isolation or torture. There is the lack of independence, lack of personal thought and no freedom. Diseases, filth and poverty, are the only things that are rampant. It is a society where one's social status and career are pre-destined and can never be altered (Podoshen et al. 320). With all this in place, the government of the day does all that it within its powers to convince the general population that this is the ideal living conditions for them (Call).

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The citizens within the dystopian society never query their governments as they are either indoctrinated or too petrified to express themselves against the wrongs being done to the society. Dystopian communities can be recognized by the distinctive physiognomies of its regimes by use of examples from children of men. The characteristics include social restrictions, usage of propaganda; strict regime controlled groups and history modification for regime beliefs. The administration has total complete over the people as it is the only way to keep the government rule.

There are many effects of dystopian elements of society on an individual (West and Stuart). The citizens in the dystopia society do not see the fatal flaw within their community as they believe they are in heaven. Emotions lack as there is only happiness not just because they were forbidden but for the reason that they are not destined for these beings. Individuals only think that emerging the winner after a competition is the only way to a perfect life.

The present life is similar to those in the articles as individuals are ever competing for success. In Hunger Games, the youths who amount to 24 battle each other with gigantic efforts to emerge victorious as the only one will be allowed to survive. Such is the case when children go to school with the sole mind that after succeeding in school, life will be better. It is not always the case, but just unnecessary competition brought forward in aiding with the elimination of others (Call).

Different societies prioritize different things (West and Stuart). Cuaron, in the children of men, represents a world of impending erasure. The humans have never seen a kid born for about eighteen years but at a similar time, people are mourning the demise of the youngest being on earth. The panorama of genetic continuousness is absent. Aridity, consequently, means the absenteeism of progenies, and the nonexistence of optimism and the nous of purpose. At present, the world is similar to these societies in that; the world is ever losing a person while at the same time, someone new is being born.

The world is in complete chaos and dejection. Newspapers are filled with the headlines of military attacks, religious fundamentalism, nuclear fallouts, mass suicides, medical malpractices and political coups. Britain is the only social society that is standing. All this that is depicted in the novel is on the brink of happening in the present day world. The current generation is on the brink of extinction with never ending wars (West and Stuart).

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