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An unidentified flying object (UFO) has puzzled and fascinated people for decades with sightings recorded throughout history across the world. UFOs are suspected alien spacecraft (David). However, its definition includes any unexplained aerial phenomena. It is believed that UFOs are extraterrestrials visiting the earth from other planets or they are a top-secret global conspiracy by governments. This strange phenomenon has evoked great curiosity and strong emotions among a large segment of people around the world. Some theologians, thinkers, and scientists have tried coming up with an explanation for the existent or no existence of UFOs. Some believe that UFO believes that UFO is an alien ship that may be technologically advanced and superior beings looking to visit the earth, while others disagree, asserting that extraterrestrial life is an absurd and foolish proposal (Radford). Are UFOs a figment of our imagination or a reality that the world looks to dismiss due to the truth that there is another master race? This paper, therefore, enumerates and explains whether Unidentified Flying Objects are alien ships or not by applying the principle of Occams Razor.

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Eye Witness Report of Seeing UFO

Some people believe they have seen Unidentified Flying Objects during the night or the day. Astronomers who spent most of their time observing objects in the sky state that they have never seen any UFO in the sky (Zukowski). However, many objects in the sky are commonly confused to be UFOs. People look to scoff whenever they see a huge flickering and bright thing hovering in the sky. Astronomers consider these objects as Sirius, Venus, or bright stars that may be seen near the horizon. These objects are confused to be UFOs. Satellites that are arcing in the sky are sometimes considered UFOs when accelerating into hyperspace (Zukowski). Police helicopters weaving in the sky with powerful searchlights at different heights may also be an impressive candidate. Besides, Comets and Meteorites have been thought to be alien ships (Zukowski). Thus, human beings are prone to errors. Since UFOs are classified as unidentified, they are not considered alien ships. Since there is no surety about what UFOs are due to vague descriptions, conflicting eyewitness accounts, and poor photo or video quality, it means they are not alien ships.

UFO Video and Photo Evidence

There are no convincing photos or video clips showing the existence of UFOs. Though many videos show the presence of a flying saucer, Astronomers believe that a flying saucer is just a Venus (David). Photographs and videos taken in the dark sky may focus on flickering objects that are not UFOs but Jupiter (Zukowski). Many videos of Jupiter were considered UFOs. People may be convinced that these are genuine UFO, however common sense and knowledge is worth a ton to wishful thinking and extreme speculation. Other videos may be out of focus, and most good shots are fake (Zukowski). Most videos and photos are faked to show the proof of UFOs. Irrefutable evidence may only be something that can be touched. With many activities of UFOs, none has ever crashed or landed on earth. This means no alien airships are existing in space.

Why UFO Dont Make Themself Present?

The major question that has remained unanswered about UFOs is that, if visiting aliens have never tried to reveal themselves, why should they be seen buzzing in ships and not ready to contact people on earth. What can be their reason for alien species coming, going, and trying to hide from humans? This makes no sense.

Alien Abduction Stories

There are many stories about the Alien abduction. For instance, the Aliens were tied or strapped down with no power to resist (Zukowski). Some people believe that aliens even forced them with sex. However, this may only be fantasy. Aliens who abduct innocent people would not kill humans but see them as lab rats to experiment on. This is utter rubbish and obvious nonsense associated with the presence of alien ships in space. None of the abductions may be very useful to aliens. Thus, there cannot be reasons for alien abduction in trying to explain the presence of alien ships.

People commonly believe that the evidence of UFOs is just ignored. For instance, the sightings were seen, for example, a headline, which states, A superhighway for aliens appeared in the Daily Mail and UK newspaper in 2003 (Zukowski). NASA however, considers such images believed to be UFOs as fault images resulting from camera failures. Thus, it is important to note that objects seen to be moving are comets in space. There are no UFOs. Though people have seen images and headlines showing that UFOs exist, NASA continues to refuse to answer questions on UFOs (David). There is no conspiracy on the existence of alien ships. The media is just in business, selling many copies of stories about the existence of UFOs. Thus, it is critical to maintain that there is no evidence of UFOs or alien ships in space. The videos and photos of alleged UFOs have never been convincing.

Occam’s Razor Theory

There are some skeptics saying alien ships, extraterrestrials or UFO does not exist. There are no explanations or proof, and the principle of Occam’s razor can be used in supporting this defense. The principle of Occam’s razor maintains that when different hypotheses are used in explaining observations having the same ability, the first observation to be tested raises the fewest false assumptions (Zukowski). If this hypothesis is verified to be incorrect, the next hypothesis is chosen. Thus, when faced with some hypotheses, the one with few assumptions needs to be considered first. However, this does not mean the one with few assumptions is correct.


In UFOlogy, Alien abduction may be used by skeptics to claim that Occams razor support that aliens are not the best justification for individuals appealing to have been abducted. This means that people who claim to have been abducted had sleep paralysis. However, it is my belief that Occams razor favors the abductee’s testimony after looking at all the cases. Occams razor can, therefore, be used in investigating UFOs by looking at apparent investigation aspects, then elimination another aspect by looking at the evidence accumulated (Radford). By looking at Occams razor theory when investigating, whether UFOs are alien ships or not, the most explainable and common evidence must be focused on first. However, the theory further claims that the simplest explanation may never be the correct one. Skeptics need to use other avenues in their defense other than using Occams razor approach. Thus, it is clear that UFOs are not extraterrestrial in origin.


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