Canadian Casino Industry

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Operations models

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In Canada, there are various Casino operations models in Canada which include operation and ownership of the government, private operations but government ownership, private ownership and control of the government, as well as the first nation model. The direct government ownership but under private operation model was started in Ontario. In this case, Barberis (2012) observed that there was the need to establish a private sector partner with the necessary expertize in the operations of Casinos. Since its establishment, the model has been profitable to the Nova Scotia and Ontario governments.

Impacts of gambling

Gambling in Canada is both beneficial and disadvantageous. For example, gambling is associated with numerous social evils in Canada, which paid the entire involvement in the Gambling activity is a societal problem (Kilby, Fox & Lucas, 2005). Nonetheless, gambling has been named one of the most contributors of employment in Canada. A report by the Canada Labor Force Survey indicated that the gambling sector of Canada is responsible the employment of more than 47,500 individuals in the country who serve as either government and gaming management operators, or even regulators. Statistics show that the industry accounts for a quarter of the jobs that are related to recreation and amusement. In Ontario, about 17,000 positions are held by the gambling sector, and form the highest number of positions within the Canadian gambling and casino industry.

Need for clear information about gamblingThere is the lack of clear information in Canada as far as the problem of Gambling is concerned (Kilby, Fox & Lucas, 2005). This has contributed to the uncertainties in understanding the current rates of problems associated with gambling in the country, which is attributed to the difference in gambling activities in different regions. Based on provincial surveys, there is a high rate of gambling as a problem in Canada.

Gaming Control

There are various aspects of the gaming control that are critical in the gaming industry. Some of these include the significance of gaming control licenses, and the necessary approvals such as work permits, finding of suitability and key employee licensing.

Objectives of gaming control and licensing

Gaming control is a crucial practice especially in the operations of a casino. Irrespective of a casino location, gaming control plays the same role (Kilby, Fox & Lucas, 2005). First, the control ensures that there is a lot of honesty in gaming by preventing fraud and cheating among the management and the customers (Hong & Jang, 2004). Secondly, the gaming control ensures a corruption-free industry through the prevention of unsuitable people from directly getting involved in gaming. Lastly, gaming control provides honesty payment of all the necessary taxes through the enactment of strict control measures.

Key Employee Licensing

Cases arise within the Commission regarding the service of a given key employee as far as the operation of a Casino is concerned. According to Kilby, Fox and Lucas (2005), key employee can be given a license of operations in an event the Commission believes that such a person would effectively serve the interests of the public.

Role of casino operators in casino profitability

Several studies indicate that the people in charge of operating casinos also play a key role in their profitability (Barberis, 2012). It is because their relations with customers as well as their strategic locations attract more customers on a daily basis. Such activities increase the strength of competition in the industry which is healthy for its growth and advancement.

Finding of suitability

The operation of a casino requires the approval of the concerned individual by the Commission. For an individual to be considered suitable to continue operating a casino, the commission looks at various issues. However, the key point of consideration in the aspect of suitability revolves around individuals without direct involvement in the gaming operations control although there is also the consideration of ones link and influence as far as gaming license is concerned (Dert & Oldenkamp, 2000; Kilby, Fox & Lucas, 2005). Example of people who have a high probability of being call forward in this aspect include lenders, landlords, mortgage holders, goods and service providers, business people within the given premises, as well as junket representatives.

Sociological Impacts of Gaming

The available games in casinos allow a lot of interaction among the participants. A good example is that all the individuals coming from the gambling area come out with the outcome that they had some good experience and good time with friends. Some of the activities that make them give such experience include the meals, beverages, social engagements and various forms of entertainment among others (Kilby, Fox & Lucas, 2005). The activities are always done in regulated environments that are well known by the participants. Due to a long time of engagement in games, participants are established to the extent that th...

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