Benefits of Strength Training for Professional Swimmers

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Why did you choose this sport? A brief history of the sport.

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The sport chosen in this particular scenario is swimming. Swimming as an activity started way back since water and human beings came into existence. However, swimming as a sport first started in Britain in the year 1830 and it started with breaststroke. The first Olympics games that were held in the city of Athens also hosted swimming as a competitive sport in the year 1896. From then, swimming has not only acted as a recreational activity but also as a competitive sports activity across the globe.

How can strength training benefit you in this sport?

Strength training is significant to professional swimmers who do swimming as a sport because of the following reasons:

Strength training provide better swimming enhancement in ones performance. The training increases the muscle mass which in turn increases the cross-sectional area of the human muscles and finally boosting metabolism.

The strength training helps the swimmers in that they have high confidence when in action as a result of various factors among them learning new movement skills.

The training is important in preventing injuries. This is because as the body loses water, it experiences dehydration hence reduction in joint space.

Most importantly, the training help against contraction of diseases such diabetes and heart attacks among others.

Discuss all of the fitness concepts (speed, agility, balance, etc) that will also be applied in your sport and how you can train to improve those skills.

The swimmer must have the power and utmost endurance in order to be successful in the sport. The swimmer must have steady power cardiovascular and muscular endurance in order to flourish in swimming. The speed should be quick enough with proper agility and stability in order to compete appropriately in the sport. Coordination and balance are also key in the sports. It is important to train under an expert in order to improve the skills and techniques needed during swimming.

Is a fitness program complete without strength training or with only strength training? Please explain.

Fitness program cannot be complete without the inclusion of strength training. One only feels fit just n case he or she is strong and has enough relaxation between the joints. High level of fitness is also achieved when the muscles are flexible enough. This abilities are only achieved through strength training hence the fact that fitness program is considered incomplete in case strength training is excluded.

Discuss different training methods. For example, when two different people are trying to reach different goals with regard to lifting weights. For example, muscular strength vs. muscular endurance.

Back-off sets. This is that method that is done after the performance of about 2-4 sets with the 6-rep max by performing a higher repetition set always using lighter weights.

The patient-lifters method. This is when an individual is forced to 2-rep max and do 6 sets of the two repetitions and making sure that they rest between two consecutive sets.

Static Hold. This is done by the use of the trainers body. This is when one gets into a squat or plank position and holds. Alternatively, the static hold can be done by holding weight.

Describe how muscles get bigger. What is physically happening to your body?

After one is from serious strength training, the body strives to replace or possibly repair the muscles that have been damaged. This happens by the fusion of muscles in a cellular process. The fused muscles form what is known as myofibrils which is a new strand of muscle proteins. The muscle growth is experienced as a result of the thickness and increase in number of the myofibrils. Growth comes about especially when the rate at which muscle proteins are being synthesized is higher than when the muscle proteins are being broken down. It is important to note that this process occurs when one is always resting or sleeping.

Please discuss the specific health benefits for your body when you incorporate strength or weight bearing workouts.

Health wise, training by going through weight bearing workouts help the body to be strong and not susceptible to injuries. This is achieved as the body dehydrates by losing water thus causing reduction in the joint space.

Training helps against the contraction contraction of diseases such diabetes and heart attacks among others. This is achieved by monitoring the pressure and cholesterol levels of a given individual. There is also reduced risk of having stroke among other diseases.

One also gets to enjoy sleep in case of fitness. The muscles also properly uses oxygen and more energy is generated for the body.

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