Biography of Bader Al-Mutawa the Kuwaiti Soccer Player

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Bader Al-Mutawa was born in Kuwait on the 10th of January 1985. He is a soccer player for the Kuwait national football team and Qadsia SC club. He is the second striker of his team and he puts on jersey number seventeen, for both the country team and the club.

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Bader Al-Mutawa received an award for being the second-best Asian soccer player in the year 2006 for his outstanding performance in both the club and the national team. Though he was at first awarded the prize for third place which was meant for Saudi Arabia footballer, Mohammad Al-Shalhoub, the Asian Football Committee later rectified their mistake and it was confirmed that Al-Mutawa had indeed won second place (Paraskevas, 2011). Al-Mutawa also received an award for being the top scorer amongst the locals at the Kuwaiti league, in the 2008-2009 season where he had scored ten goals.

When Did Bader Al-Mutawa Start His Career of Soccer?

Bader Al-Mutawa started training with Nottingham Forest football club in Nottinghamshire, England on July 23, 2012, after the new owners of Nottingham Forests club, the Al-Hasawi family, prearranged a trial for one month for the soccer player (Chong, 2012). Sean Michael O'Driscoll, who was Nottingham Forest football club manager at the time, was quite impressed by Al-Mutawa and wanted to sign him to his team but Al-Mutawa was not able to get a work permit and therefore the club could not sign him.

Career Goals of Bader Al-Mutawa

In 2003, Kuwait hosted the Gulf Cup of Nations where Al-Mutawa played in his first major international competition. Kuwaiti team finished sixth with a score of five points. Yemen finished last with fewer points than Kuwait and spared the Kuwaiti team the humiliation of being at the bottom of the tournament for the first time. Despite Kuwait being second-last, Al-Mutawa managed to get a score in Kuwait’s only win of the tournament where they scored against Yemen in a 4-0 win (Husain & Roberto, 2011).

In Kuwait’s opening match at the 2004 Gulf Cup tournament, Al-Mutawa scored a goal against Saudi Arabia in the 87th minute. He stood out in this tournament and hence formed a striking partnership with Bashar Abdullah who was the captain of the team and star striker. Together they scored five goals between them but their partnership was brief as the Kuwait team was defeated by Qatar in the semi-finals, after being at the top of Group B where they had two wins and one draw with Bahrain. Bashar Abdullah also retired from international football after the Gulf Cup of Nations tournament.

In the 2007 Gulf Cup tournament, AL-Mutawa scored against Yemen and also against the United Arab Emirates in the final group match, but for the first time in history, Kuwait exited the tournament without winning a single match.

At the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifier that was held in September 2015, Bader Al-Mutawa scored his second hat trick in a win against Myanmar where they managed to score 9-0 against Myanmar (FC, 2015).

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