At the Goodwill by Timothy Walsh: Poem Analysis

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The tone used in this poem is playful; it mainly concentrated on a sport related issue that involves a club and a golfer. As shown in the poem, the club is at the center whereby the poem tells its preparation until when it is taken to the golf course and hits the ball to the air.

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Tomorrow, take them out of the course

Send the ball flying with a satisfying crack of wood

The club in your hand ecstatic as a blind man with restored sight.

Theses line demonstrates the superiority of the club and its essence in the sport, without forgetting its ability to send a ball into the air after hitting it.

The occasion understood in the poem is of the sports event, whereby early preparation is made in this case the club is prepared so that it can play well by the golfer.

According to the poem, the most important event that it has been shown is when the golfer picks the club and goes to hit the golf with it. The poem essentially discusses the strength of the club while hitting the golf.

The purpose of this poem is to show how one sports tool can be a weapon for the sportsman against his opponent when having the game, provided that the makes proper preparation of it.

In the poem, the word Cherish. can transform the entire meaning of the poem. The term is centered at the heart of the poem and it gives us the idea of how club is important to the men who play golf.

Clubs ate cherished by men.

The word Cherish. can be changed with the phrase hated, and the entire meaning of the poem will change


The club has been given the feature of the human being by showing the mutual love it has with men.

Question 2

The poem that I have selected is known as the Revenant.

What interesting relationships between people or things does the poem highlight?

The relationship that can be seen in the poem, is that of the dog (narrator) with its master. The relation is based on how they live together as the dog being a pet. The relationship in the poem is becoming bitter because of the complains given by the dog.

What picture or image does the poem make you see?

The poem makes me think of a dog that is treated unfairly by its masters, throughout the poem I can see the dog expressing its depression. I finally had the image that the dog also has feelings and they want to be treated fairly and not to be handle as non-living objects.

Where in the poem does, the speaker suggest something that they dont come out and directly say?

I believe that the poem tells of how the masters does not give him a comfy environment without caring his feelings. For example:

The jingling of my tags drove me mad.

You always scratched me in the wrong place

Question 3.

Famous Image

Lanyard (2nd stanza)

Here is a breathing body and a beating heart,

strong legs, bones and teeth,

and two clear eyes to read the world, she whispered,


The Similie

"hold it up to the light

"The poem is like a color slide."

The simile has been use to let the figurative idea on the involved parties.

Favorite Stanza

The Lanyard (4th stanza)

She has me mild and breast from her breast

And I gave her a lanyard

She nursed me in many sickrooms

Lifted teaspoon of medicine on my lips

The Lanyard (4th stanza)

Favorite Poem

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