Article Analysis Essay on Assessment as a Strategy to Increase Oral Reading Fluency

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The article by Murray, Munger, and Clonan, (2012) discusses assessment as a strategy to increase oral reading fluency using the technique of intervention in schools and clinic. Devan has been used in the article has one of the many students with reading disabilities and has a slow rate of reading. Devan was a second-grade student, and since he was not performing well in reading and responding, the class teacher opted to refer him to a tutoring clinic. The school screening was able to identify Devans problem for the sake of providing him with the academic intervention services. Devans assessment exhibited that he was not able to meet the future benchmark goals. According to Murray, Munger, and Clonan, (2012), his reading per minute was 11 words but what was recommended was 44 words per minute. Devan was exposed to DIBELS ORF but did not respond well as expected because he was still being rated at ten percentile. The only way that Devan showed improvements in word recognition accuracy, reading rate, and reading compression was when he was introduced to intervention and assessment to target his underlying word reading. Devan response was a gain of 2.9 words per minute which was a significant demonstration to a target intervention focused on decoding words more effortlessly and accurately. Murray, Munger, and Clonan, (2012) indicate that Devan made tremendous progress towards becoming an independent reader which included letter-sound correspondences, word reconditions and decoding. Although the intervention methodology and results for Devan merit shared a more profound conceptualization, the article suggests that reading familiarity can achieve advantages to understudies. The importance of this experiment is that it was not a controlled one but rather an experience of a student in such a situation. The article suggests that this research can apply to other students, but not all, it all depends on the uniqueness status of the student.

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How might you improve on this technique for your class?

For my class, I will emphasize on increasing opportunities for practice. When the students have enough practice activities, they will be able to master their skill and strategies. This is an extended guide, cumulative and independent practice.

To what in the article do you most relate as a teacher?

As per the article, what relates is the skill of intervention which is an excellent practicing opportunity for students to practice. Students were more conversant with letter-sound correspondence and word recognition.

What, if anything, is missing from this article? In other words, what else do you want to know?

From the article, the research experiment is with one child, and so it makes it easier for the writer to come up with the solution. I would prefer an experimentation of different children to understand the capacity of each one and come up with a decision that can implement to help all of them.

What do you suggest the author do as a follow-up?

There is the need for the writer to provide the intervention addresses underlying motive for reading troubles when students do not respond sufficiently to instruction.

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