Argumentative Essay on Three Benefits of Reading

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Having the power to read and write is one of the most outstanding achievement a person may acquire in education. However, the introduction of the technology today has threatened to erode the book lovers and take away the precious time one would consider good for reading books. It becomes hard for a person watching the movie to be creative and imaginative as opposed to those reading the books since the television paints the pictures. This dependency on watching the movies has led to the fading away of creativity talent to the youths today. While televisions and movies play a part in entertaining and informing, books take the role of creating parts of the brains that allow the readers to form pictures from the words that create a page of a book. Thus, reading books is an important exercise and should be embraced regardless of age. This essay is going to focus on the major benefits of reading books. My three body paragraphs on the benefit of reading books are going to be based on the readings from Laughing without Accent, Down and Out in Providence and on Our Twisted Hero.

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The first reason to read is to nurture oneself and learn what cannot be learned from any other way. This is according to the reading from the book of Laughing without accent. According to the book, it is hard to imagine and create things linearly without the help of books. This text claims that when depending so much on the usage of the televisions and movies to get enlightened makes it difficult to have an imaginative brain thus making it hard to give rise to the generation that can nurture its imaginative world into reality (Dumas pg. 35). For instance, when one sits and watches film s/he denies him/herself the chance to explore, discover and ascertain the beauty of the imaginative world from the books. Raising questions over the occurrence of a given behavior by the society cannot be addressed through the reading since many people no longer seek knowledge from the books thus leading to the erosion of the culture and belief(Dumas pg. 42).. On analyzing the book further, I understand that it is hard to get a picture of the invisible world if the whole painting is done for oneself as seen in the movie. This denies one chance to become and have the ability to have abstractive thinking and ability to think constructively, which are major things in the life of a person. They can only be nurtured if there is the room to read the books and pass the habit to the young generation through narrating and encouraging them to read books rather than spending expensively on buying video cards and film tapes for entertainment.

On the second reading from the Down and Out in Providence readings, another reason for reading is that it creates an opportunity for one to test, refine and sharpen ones beliefs against others. Wolf from her great works indicates that when one reads books, it becomes an important field where can discover his/her ability to think and criticize the idea that may differ from what s/he believes in. From the text, reshaping skills and have a better approach to the ideologies of other people before differing with them (Wolf pg. 67-68). This can be evidenced a given scenario where an author may express her/his feelings towards the society through writing and on reading her works one cannot understand the feelings of the author thus develop an outstanding idea on opposing the opinions of the author through exercising constructive criticism. A thorough understanding of the need to rediscover, refine and involve critical thinking on any arising matter is paramount.

The third reason why book reading is important is their ability to keep the history of the past. On the book, Our Twisted Hero, history is well remembered for writing. If the information is recorded without exaggeration, it provides the knowledge to the reader on the accounts that had taken place in the past (Yi and O'Rourke, pg. 102). Large volumes of works by the authors shows the ability of the storage of information that is either based on ones experience or has taken place thus giving light to the need to acquire the knowledge concerning the past. History is educative as claimed by the book. For instance, by the reading occurrences of the civil wars and their major causes, the reader becomes enlightened and can try his/her best to avoid such experiences by preventing the recurrence in future. This is important since one can control any similar or close cause of the outbreak of war thus ending up saving the life of another person. Therefore, it is effective on going back to the books and learn more knowledge based on the history given by the author.

In conclusion, reading books are essential as they have the power to make one learn in a way that could be hard from other ways, they make one to test, refine and sharpen a persons belief against others and they become important sources of information in telling the history. These readings have provided a ground for which I was unable to stand and figure out the need to turn to books and that they are much better to use when on free time as opposed to watching televisions, movies, and films.

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