All Americans Should Receive Basic Medical Health Care

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No country has grown when the numbers of sick people are too much. The right to free health care should be our right and not a privilege. The delivery of health in this country has been a matter of debate over a period. The nation which is built upon the ideals of self-reliance, capitalism, individualism, and determinism has struggled through years to offer what is not only fundamental to human existence but touches on people directly; health care delivery. According to Weisfeld, the best and most valuable service that a country should give to its citizens is to ensure they are healthy (112). Therefore, to prevent unnecessary deaths and a sickling country, I believe that all Americans should receive primary health care under the national health care plan.

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First and foremost, many American are unable to pay for the medical expenses; hence, put their lives in jeopardy during severe illnesses. According to Weisfeld about 45 millions of Americans are uninsured (123). On the same note, One in five adults under age 65 and nearly one in ten children are uninsured. Uninsured individuals experience much more risk to their health than insured individuals. Mainly, it means that some people have to pay their medical bills without any assistance from other insurance companies or organizations. Notably, the United States is one the countries that have the most expensive healthcare system in the world; hence, not all people can afford the medical expenses, especially for serious illness. It, therefore, means that about 45 million American live in trepidation and risks to die if any case they are attacked by certain dangerous diseases.

Secondly, by denying some individuals the right to treatment, the government is violating American constitution. The permeable of the Constitution of the United States clearly asserts to promote the general welfare of the individuals. This justification alone evidences that all Americans have the right to health care since it promotes individuals well-being. Although the opponents of the primary health care argue that this system is very expensive, it is important to note that the lives of people are more significant than any other thing for a country that holds several titles as the free world, superpower, and many others. It is quite surprising that the state uses half of its budget on military and only 10% to offer medical services to its people (Savedoff et al. 930).

Lastly, access to a comprehensive healthcare should be a right to every individual. It is the responsibility and the mandate of the society, through the government to provide healthcare services to its people. Coverage should not be tied to ones ability to pay or the employment. It is not justice for people heal care services to depend on their income or since it advocates that an individual who is morally just and has participated momentously to the nation is valued less than the other person who has deceived their ways to wealth.

In summary, I believe that all Americans should receive basic medical health care, under a national health care plan. This is because not all citizens have the ability, and it is an injustice to see them dying when the government solves the situation. It is not only ethical to violate the constitution that commands the government to promote the welfare of people. Lastly, the nation looks like it prioritizes the lives of the rich and does not care about the poor. Justice is required.

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