Advise on Concussion Occurrence Among Athletes

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Concussion, commonly known as mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI), is the condition in which a persons head together with the brain moves back and forth rapidly as a result of a blow, bump or even a jolt of the head. Coup-countrecoup is an injury that affects the brain cells; the damage affects the opposite side of the hit area. When this type of brain injury occurs, the head hits the back of the cranium, because of the vacuum property of the skull. On the contrary, a coup is an injury of the brain when tissues are damaged at the site of direct impact.

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Athletes on the field are at high risk of suffering from a concussion since they are extensively exposed to head injuries while undergoing their normal sports activity. Usually, the frontal and temporal lobes are the main parts of the brain that incur damages in case of a head injury. The two lobes are located on relatively rough and rigid bones thus, the impact of a blow significantly affects the brain beneath the lateral fissure in the cerebral hemisphere. Additionally, the posterior positioning of the neck to the skull makes the frontal and the temporal lobes more affected because they move longer distances during the movement of the head in comparison to other brain parts.

The damage to the two lobes causes adverse effects on the victims because they are responsible for the nerve functions, which are crucial. The frontal lobes are responsible for the planning, initiating, and major personality features while the temporal lobes affect visual and verbal memories. Sudden rapid movements of the brain inside the skull also triggers chemical changes in the brain cells, which may lead to severe neurological problems such as insensitivity or a coma. Usually people suffering from concussion have difficulty controlling emotions, such as anger. The inability to appropriately manage feelings can cause severe difficulty in social functioning.

In sports, studies of the dangers of concussions are important because the athletes are engaged in such physical activities where accidents can easily lead to head injuries. It is paramount to inform the athletes of the symptoms of MTBI such as frequent severe headaches, memory loss, and difficulties with waking up. The department should hire psychologists who may help the affected individuals recover from the traumatic injury. They should be taught about the long-term effects of emotional changes that may affect their relationships with other people. The psychologists will educate athletes on the importance of preventing possible head injuries by putting on protective headgear. Also, the early detection of MTBI makes treatment more effective; thus, education on symptoms and causes could help athletes receive treatment early. It is also imperative that the department enforces stringent rules in sports to avoid spearing or head tackling, which can prevent the number of concussions. This approach will ensure the athletes will have a healthy life and consequently perform better.


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