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If you could change the DaVita Village in a positive way, what specific changes would you make?

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I would like to see all the Registered Nurses are Certified Dialysis Nurses after two years of working at DaVita. Having certified nurses ensures high quality of healthcare is given to patients. It also ensures the nurses understand dialysis or nephrology better. Some nurses are only skilled in patient assessment but lack some basic skills such as machine set-up and the water room. Becoming certified helps the nurses become versed in the field of nephrology. A clinic should still be able to open up with or without an opener (Technician). Having certified nurses will ensure a smooth and seamless operation of hospitals.

Describe how you have demonstrated leadership ability both in and out of the DaVita Village.

In 2010 right after I graduated from college, I was employment in a pharmaceutical company which was a clinical start up as a cell processing associate. Within a few days, I noticed there was little work for us to do and my colleagues and I were idle for the entire shift. About 100 people were hired and given no direction or assignment to undertake, and I was very uncomfortable with that. On the second day of work I spoke to my supervisor about the situation and requested work to do, but he dismissed me saying the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) were performing an audit and all the associates needed to stay in their offices. I immediately retired to my office for that day, but I still knew there was something I could contribute to ensuring everything went smooth. I got to work very early the next day to meet with my supervisor again, and after I had expressed my concerns and the fact that I needed to be productive, he gave me a list of things that needed to be done before the facility went commercial. Immediately I got the list of things that needed to be done, I met with the rest of the associates and divided the associates into teams. I divided the people into a team of 20 each to cover the assignments. I led a group writing new Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), another group was reading and editing current SOPs, cleaning incubators, checking the expiration of materials and so on. It was difficult initially because I had to delegate assignments to some senior and more experienced associates, but with a clear vision, patience, motivation and good strategy, the associates were responsive, and we were able to accomplish all the tasks perfectly and timely. I was able to lead the associates to accomplish all the tasks, and the product went commercial in due time. I was then promoted to a supervisory position.

I planned, organized, and led a charity project that packaged over 5,000 boxes of humanitarian supplies for victims of the Ebola Virus. The whole project was completed and shipped in one day. In DaVita, I had taken up the responsibility of a clinical coordinator when we had none. I was able to delegate duties when needed, and I have always been accountable for my work. I was awarded recently with a merit increase for going over and beyond for DaVita.

If you had to spend the next year of your life in either the past or the future, what year would you travel to, and why?

I will choose to live in the future, and I would choose the year 2020 because by then I will be done with my Masters in Nurse Practitioner program and I can be more of an asset to DaVita. I would love to work under the DaVita Healthcare Partners as a Nephrology Nurse Practitioner. I would be able to monitor how my patients are responding to their dialysis treatment and also be an advocate for them. I am an optimistic individual, and I believe I have more to offer in the future. I believe the future is bright for me and I choose not to live in the past.

Why should the Award Committee select you for this scholarship? What makes you a great candidate?

I should be awarded because I intend to use this redwoods scholarship to pursue and advance my education; in return, I intend to be a valuable asset in the future. Like I stated earlier, I would love to work for Healthcare partners after my Nurse Practitioner degree.

I should be awarded this scholarship because whenever an assignment has been given to me I have always exceeded expectation and I own that assignment. I am committed to being a valuable contribution to this company; I bring my vast experience of bio-pharmaceuticals and customer service skills to this company. My leadership skills are exceptional, and I am persistent. I can overcome obstacles if you tell me I cant achieve something youve only motivated me to try even harder to prove you wrong! I have traveled a bumpy road to get to where I am today, but the obstacles I experienced shaped me never to give up. Gold is never found on the surface of the earth; you have to dig deep for it.

Describe a solution you would propose to your government leaders to improve or resolve a current issue (health care, the economy, discrimination, etc.).

The issue going on today in American is the problem of healthcare. Healthcare should be made affordable and accessible to everyone in America. We are the only wealthy and developed nation without a free healthcare system. I would propose to my senator to fight to make healthcare free for all. Healthcare should not be affordable to the rich only; healthcare is a right of every citizen of America. This issue shouldnt be up for debate, America can afford to provide free healthcare for everyone. If countries such as Canada and Sweden can offer a good health care system which doesnt bankrupt patients, then America has no excuse to make its citizens practically beg for health care.

Describe your ideal role in the DaVita Village once you graduate.

My ideal role in the DaVita village will be at the Board of Certified Nephrology Nurse Practitioner. As a Nephrology nurse practitioner, I will collaborate with the Nephrologists and come up with improved care plans for my patients. With my bio-pharmaceutical background I will get to know which medication (s) in the market will serve my patients well. My goal is to be in a position where I can use my leadership and management skills to help end-stage renal disease patients, implement the company's core values and help my teammates achieve their potential.

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