Achieve Seventy Percent Mobile Phone Brand Publicity Within the Country

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Our vision is to be an all-time leading hi-tech mobile phone producer within the country. In order to accomplish these we have strategic goals that are evaluated and revised on an annual basis. These goals include:

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To achieving a seventy percent brand publicity within the country

Through clearly written positioning statements and objectives we have identified target newspapers and Television stations within the country that can be outlets and have designed effective coverage follow-ups.

To attain 50 Stock listings in the upcoming financial year

With the aid of a specialized attorney we will make an application to the Stock Exchange Committee, so as to be considered for listing. We also look forward to develop working links with an underwriting syndicate, especially an investment banker to help in purchasing our securities and sell to the public, market our initial public offering (IPO) with prospective investors at media and brokerage houses and later set the Initial public offering price with the investment banker.

To obtain referrals from seventy-five percent of our previous consumers and area of influence

In order to direct consumer conversations to our favor, we will transform any referrals into agreements rather than conflicts, utilize our business networks like LinkedIn to get referrals from our clients, ensure timely enquiries for referrals especially in times of positive consumer outcomes, acting on feedback and sending gratitude and thank you pages via mails.

To secure thirty-percent of the countrys mobile phone share market.

After the identification of our competitors we aim at the provision of a new and highly innovative mobile phone brand that will be able to pin down customers to our products. We also aim at increasing customer relations through hiring of dedicated personnel that always market our mobile phone better will help enhance our publicity and gain up to a targeted thirty percent of the market share.

Financial Requirements

The costs that will be involved in achieving our goals include:

The design, components, manufacturing,engineering and assembly costs that are paid for every phone to have them manufactured.

Costs involved in the testing and acquiring certification for the phone brand to make it meet the market standards which include network operator standards and safety requirements.

Workers expenses, office space, Information technology, and travel costs.

Royalties to patent owners and product licensing

Events, marketing and publicity costs

Initiatives involving the recycling of electronic wastes("8-Step Personal Marketing Plan")

Target audiences

Our products target middle income customers, college students and professionals all over the country who need a mobile phone gadget that can support specific applications for learning, and enterprise and business professionals needs and has both 3G and 4G internet capabilities.

We aim to create a good brand of the mobile phone product in our customers mind through an easily recognizable and attractive logo and standard ringtones to people of all ages.

Unique Selling Point

Our mobile phones come with incredible discounts and free application software installation for the first purchases made by consumers in our various stores and outlets all over the country. Moreover the prices tariffs vary in various regions in the country.

This move aims at giving the market a first glimpse of the full package of our first hi-tech mobile phone and fully exposes our potential consumers to the product and the benefits that come with our first models.

In order to achieve the above outlined we aim to design several marketing platforms for our product. We intend to put up strong and actively present adverts on social media and video channels platforms and have interactive sessions once in a week, in what we term as Market Update Fridays.

Our social media programs intend to run for six months with consistency until an impression of our mobile phone is created within the target groups in the country.

SWOT Analysis


Our hi-tech phone provides the various functions of the smart phone models like the latest Android operating system, high resolution camera (16 Megapixels), LED screen and triple SIM capabilities.

Our mobile phone supports all the languages and business jargons, is easy to use and has fiber that can be easily replaced in case of damage.

Additional applications are also packaged with the latest Android version that our phone uses.


We currently do provide very limited term warranty offers of up to a month from the date of purchase.


We look forward to make use of the rising popularity of triple SIM phones coupled with the growing popularity of new mobile service network providers.


Stiff market threats form well established mobile phone brands and firms and other low-end firms and counterfeiting firms (Vermaelen 2016).

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