A Study on the Organizational Culture Within MADA and Its Influence on Job Satisfaction and Motivation

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The main purpose and objective of this study is to examine and analyze the organizational culture within MADA and its influence on job satisfaction and motivation. This research is going to be based on primary data and it is going to be conducted on employees working within MADA. Collection of data is going to be through the use of questionnaires and each questionnaire set is going to contain a number of questions (around twenty to twenty five) The sample is going to contain workers from MADA company. In addition to that, the results and the correlation analysis are going to be conducted through the use of SPSS. The nature of the organization has a very huge impact on the job satisfaction and overall results. As such, the findings of this study are going to be of great help in understanding the relationship between employee commitments, job satisfaction together with retention.

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For any organization to retain its market share or expand it further, then it is really important for it to establish and cultivate the best organizational culture. This culture must be in such a way that it brings out the best of the employees and promotes good relations between the management and the employees. An organizations culture affects the performance and the commitment of the employees towards the organization. The culture of good system should be flexible and this is to ensure that the working environment for the workers is appropriate and they can work efficiently and independently without feeling that they are being overburden or misused in any way. Each company wants the employees to be committed and this is because the productivity and performance of the company is going to increase significantly.

There has been a lot of research that has been conducted to provide the importance of organizational culture and how this affects the commitment and productivity of the workers. Organizational culture is a set of different value system which can help an organization to run itself and run a successful business (Schneider (1983). Webst (2000) says, Organizational culture helps employees to understand the functioning of the organizations by sharing its norms, values and rules and regulation of organization

Research questions, aims and objectives.


The main purpose and objective of this study is to examine and analyze the organizational culture within MADA and its influence on job satisfaction and motivation.

Research questions

How does an organizations culture influence the levels of job satisfaction of the employees?

How does an organizations culture affect how motivated the employees are?

How does the culture of an organization affect the overall performance?

Some of the main objectives of this research paper include;

Examination and exploration of the effect and the impact of organizational culture on the performance of the company.

To evaluate the effect of the culture of a company on the productivity and performance of the workers.

To find out if organizational culture has any effects on the satisfaction of the employees.

Research hypothesis

In this study, we will have a null and void hypothesis.

H1: Strong organization culture has positive impact on the performance of the employees.

H0: Strong organization culture does not have positive impact on the performance of the employees.

H2: Organizational Commitment has also positive effect over job satisfaction

H0: Organizational Commitment does not have positive effect over job satisfaction

H3: Job satisfaction affects negatively on the rate of the turnover.

H0: Job satisfaction does not affect negatively the rate of the turnover.

Literature review

Hofsed (2002) says this, Organizational culture is that set of beliefs, values, work styles and relationships that distinguish one organization from another. Paul (1999) says that the organizational culture of any company is usually based on the psychological outcomes and this enables us know the way the employees think of the company and how their decision making process is going to be affected by the culture of the organization. This culture also affects the internal policies of the organization and also influences the level of commitment of the employees towards the achievement of the companys goals, objectives, mission and vision. Bolton (2002) points out that this culture is either increase or decrease the efforts which an employee is putting are serving a customer. If the culture is good, then the employee will do everything to make sure that the customer experience and satisfaction is great so he or she can come back again. However, if the culture is awful, the employees will be less committed and they are not going to be committed in their jobs. Robins (2010) says that, If organizational culture creates problems like difficulties in changes, create barriers to diversity then Cultures of that organization is liability for that organization


The respondents and subjects of this research paper were the employees of MADA. In the collection of data, the use of closed questionnaires was used. All the variables were looked at into the different sections of the questionnaire.


The employees were made aware of the fact that their information would be kept safe and private and this was to ensure that they did not hesitate in providing us with the information that we required or needed.

Sampling technique

The sampling technique that was used in this research is sampling.

Sample size

The research aimed at distributing all the questionnaires to at least three quarters of the entire population of the workers at MADA.

Data Collection

This was through the use of a Questionnaire. The Questionnaire contained a total of twenty questions and the variables that affect the culture of organization were in each in their respective sections of the questionnaire.

Data Analysis

The analysis of the data that was collected from the employees was analyzed through the use of SPSS together with correlation analysis tests. These were the two methods that were used in analyzing and evaluating the results obtained.



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